POLITICS-GOVTA prediction from Judicial Watch about ‘Servergate’

September 1, 2015 in News by RBN

One News Now | Chad Groening

A conservative watchdog group predicts that Hillary Clinton could be forced to give up her presidential bid. 

“I think Mrs. Clinton and her immediate circle, they are in trouble. It’s not going to go away,” Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch says of the Democratic front-runner.

Clinton continues to be mired in controversy over her use of personal email while secretary of state, with the FBI investigating her under the Espionage Act for sensitive information that may have been unsecure on the email server, Fox News reported last week.

Meanwhile, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is closing in on Clinton and there’s speculation that Vice President Joe Biden will enter the race.

Sanders, a far-left socialist, is trailing Clinton by just seven points in Iowa, the first caucus in the presidential primaries, The Des Moines Register reported in a weekend story.

Clinton has lost a third of her supporters in Iowa since May, the story stated.

The push for a Biden candidacy has been the result of growing uneasiness among Democrats, who are concerned that Clinton may be in serious trouble over what is being dubbed “Servergate.”

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Farrell, who is director of investigations for Judicial Watch, has been actively pursuing more information about Clinton and her emails, suing for that information under the Freedom of Information Act.

He predicts to OneNewsNow, citing the FBI investigation, that Clinton’s case will be referred to a grand jury.

“The question is,” he says, “how high will the referral go with respect to Mrs. Clinton or whether it will be Huma Abedin and others.”

Once that referral is made, Farrell predicts there will be an announcement.

“You’re going to find out that Mrs. Clinton’s going to have a sudden health issue that she needs to address or she wants to spend time with her grandchild or something,” says the Judicial Watch spokesman.

That will allow Biden to “step up to the plate,” he says.

The Fox News story reporting on the FBI investigation also quotes Farrell, who told the news organization that there’s no “wiggle room” for Clinton if her email server contained classified information.