Polls predict conflicting outcome in AL race

December 11, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: One News Now | By Chad Groening, Billy Davis

RCP Moore-Jones pollA spokesman for Roy Moore’s senate campaign says Alabama voters statewide support the embattled Republican candidate even though a Fox News poll shows he is trailing the Democratic candidate.

Alabama voters will go to the polls Dec. 12 in the closely-watched senate race, where Moore will appear on the ballot next to Democrat Doug Jones.

A Fox News poll published Monday shows Jones leading Moore 50-40, though other polls show Moore is leading Jones despite allegations of sexual misconduct against the Christian conservative.

“Our support in Alabama is as strong as it’s ever been,” Bill Armistead, a campaign spokesman, tells OneNewsNow. “In fact, they’ve made it stronger because people just really resist outsiders coming in telling us what to do in Alabama.”

The Fox News poll, conducted Dec. 7-10 with 1,127 voters, shows eight percent remain undecided on the eve of Election Day.

Roy Moore (flag background)Despite the 10-point lead in the Fox News poll, Moore is narrowly leading the RealClearPolitics average by 2.5 percent, since the Fox News poll is the only one of two polls cited by RCP that show Jones leading among voters. Moore leads five other polls in single-digit numbers, RCP is reporting.

Speaking to American Family Radio on Monday morning, Moore himself told talk show host Sandy Rios that his campaign’s own polling shows him with a single-digit lead over Jones.

Jones was invited to come on the morning show but declined to be interviewed.

After a surprise win over Sen. Luther Strange in the GOP primary in October, Moore’s campaign was rocked by a Washington Post story alleging the famously straight-laced judge had sexually assaulted late-teen girls nearly 40 years ago.

OneNewsNow and other media outlets have pointed to Moore’s interview with Sean Hannity, where he didn’t deny pursuing late-teen girls as a 30-ish man, but Moore has denied sexually assaulting any of the young women.

Roy Moore accuser & AllredOn Friday, Beverly Young Nelson (pictured at left), one of the women accusing Moore of sexual misconduct, admitted to fabricating part of the evidence – a yearbook allegedly signed by Moore – that she had shown to the media to back up her story that Moore assaulted her behind the Olde Hickory House restaurant in 1977.

She is represented by feminist attorney Gloria Allred.

Nelson in particular admitted to adding the date and place to the signature in her yearbook, and that admission tcomes after the Moore campaign produced three eyewitnesses who said Moore never ate at Olde Hickory and they didn’t recalled Nelson ever working there as a waitress as she claimed.

Arimistead tells OneNewsNow that Nelson has “discredited herself completely” and it’s clear neither she nor Allred are telling the truth.

“The story is falling all apart,” he says. “People are smarter than they give them credit for being. They understand that this is a made up thing and they’re desperate in the last few days of the campaign.”

American Family Association is the parent organization of OneNewsNow and American Family News. The 501(c)(4) political arm of AFA, AFA Action, has endorsed Roy Moore’s bid for the U.S. Senate.