Proof Mail-In Ballots Facilitates Voter Fraud

October 25, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By: Devvy Kidd

October 24, 2022

The original intent of mail-in ballots was to accommodate military, their families, legally registered voters who might, for legitimate reasons (assisted living, scheduled surgery, long haul truckers) be unable to get to a polling place on election day.  An individual had to request a ballot ahead of time.

Over time, it’s morphed into an open invitation for voter fraud.  As someone who has been researching and writing on election fraud since 1993, between advanced technology, dishonest, partisan voters and political operatives, the situation has only worsened.

California has gone to all mail-in ballots sent to millions in that state – even to addresses which turn out to be empty lots, banks, gas stations or 16 ballots with different names to one home where only one individual lived and had never heard of those names.  This month a man in Michigan received a request for a mail in ballot addressed to his dog, Ruby.  Act surprised:  the project who sent the ballot is being paid for by the MI Democratic Party.

California has been sending mail-in ballots to voters who no longer live in California for years.

I moved my disabled brother from No. California in August 2019, to Big Spring, TX where I live so I can help him.  In Oct. 2020, he received a mail in ballot for the November election.  I notified their county elections division by certified mail my brother no longer lived in California; I hold his Power of Attorney.  Before leaving California, my brother filed a Change of Address with USPS.

The attempted recall of Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom was Sept. 14, 2021.  My brother again received pre-notice he would receive a mail in ballot and a couple of weeks later did receive another ballot to vote in that recall effort.  Last week my brother received a new mail-in-ballot from California to vote in the Nov. 8, 2022, general election.

In the 2020 general election, the State of Nevada, thousands of votes were cast by individuals who no longer lived in the State of Nevada.  A law firm representing President-Elect Trump notified the Clark County DA that 3,062 registered voters who now lived in other states cast votes for that election.  Only about 1/3rd of relocations are in the National Change of Address database.

The Nevada GOP came out with their final analysis, “In Nevada, we found 19,218 non-military, non-student voters who have an out-of-state mailing address but claim Nevada residency. We lined up the voter lists from all counties against publicly available USPS records on permanent change of addresses to other states. Out of the 19,218 voters, 15,164 voted by mail.”

How do mail-in ballots facilitate voter fraud?  Let’s say Mr. & Mrs. Anderson, registered Democrats, relocated from California to Austin, Texas.  They, like my brother, each receive a mail in-ballot to vote in California’s 2022 mid-term election.  On that ballot they would vote for members of Congress.  U.S. House and Senate (if it’s a year in which their senators are running for reelection).  Those two votes go for incumbents (or challengers to fill a vacancy) who go to Washington, DC and pass laws that directly affect Texans.

That’s two votes in California (husband, wife).  Mr. & Mrs. Anderson then both vote in Austin for Congressional seats on their party’s ticket.  They voted twice in two different states which is against the law.  Did they know this was illegal?  How could they not?  A sad commentary on the moral fabric of our republic when people of any party deliberately cheat just so their “party” can win.

On Oct. 7, 2022, the Delaware Supreme Court ruled mail in ballots unconstitutional as well as same day registration pushed through by Democrats because of COVID.  Voters in Delaware had to register by Oct. 15th and you either vote in person or register weeks in advance of the election to vote absentee.  A huge step in the right direction.

I sent the ballot my brother received for the 2020 election to our AG Ken Paxton, but never received a response.  I will do so again for this new one my brother received to vote in California’s election next month.  Paxton needs to direct the Texas’ Election Division to do the same as Nevada and find out how many ex-pats from other states are receiving mail in-ballots, did they vote by using those ballots and then voted again in Texas?

I hope it bothers you that individuals who’ve relocated mail in a ballot to their former state for members of Congress that pass laws that affect all Texans, Florida or your state and then vote in their new state.  If you live in Texas, make your voice heard by contacting AG Ken Paxton at:  800-252-8011

What about your state?  The Democrats will do anything they think they can get away with on Nov. 8th.  Candidates who allegedly lose have every right to file to stop certification and conduct a forensic audit.  Our republic is all but demolished.  This mid-term election is make or break so please vote and please get this out to your email lists and all social media platforms.  Knowledge is power and actions speak louder than words.