Psychotic disorders are severe mental disorders that cause abnormal thinking and perceptions.

February 23, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


By Keith Rodgers

(Government Officials fit this definition)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and symptoms of psychosis (The Foot Soldier who blindly follows Government orders can themselves be psychotic in nature.)

This can be defined with two prime examples.

  1. Patriotism to one’s country or government or its Military.
  2. A Religious crusade where those are willing kill others for their beliefs.

In America, “Radical Evangelical Christians” are in the US Government who set U.S. Policy. A policy of Corporate Greed, bolstered by Lobbyist’s for Arms manufactures who to make profits for all, are willing to have others killed by sending other citizens children as the foot soldier. To secure the resources of other countries. They call this “National Security Interests.”

You’ll note in the run up to the Iraq war, the media like Bill O’Reilly said, “If you can’t support out Troop’s then Shut Up!”
What O’Reilly should have said was, “If you can’t support our Policies – Then Shut Up!.”

For clearly the IG Report, of the VA allowing 307,000 veterans to die, wasn’t support. Either was the annual 8,000 veterans a year who commit suicide. As well as in 2018 the 57 Active Duty Marines, or 22 Special op’s that also committed suicide. So that alleged support is moot.

Normally to con those back home, they use paid paramilitary groups to say in the cases of Libya and Syria, arm and train “Moderate Rebels” to wit then pass laws such as the Lugar-Obama Bill (Passed) that gives them the premise to wage preemptive warfare. To allegedly attack those they just armed and trained who poses the arms they call WMD’s… In which that is only a reason to destroy another countries infrastructure. Related “Shock Doctrine” is to get the people’s of those targeted countries to demand their government to capitulate. Historically this is called, “Allied Terror Bombings.”
Between those two wars it is now estimated that a little over 500,000 have died. All based on lies. “Evangelical Christians?” What about all them “Thou Shalt Nots” mentioned in the Bible?

Also is the need to replace a destroyed government named a “Regime” with what they call a “Internationally Approved Government.” Western Media is complicit in this by showing the newly installed “Puppet” government as well as those citizens who survived the above bombing, using their cute dyed purple fingers showing they now have democracy.

Then comes the Nation Building. US and Allied Corporations to rebuild that which was destroyed. Huge IMF loans at interest to then place those in complete austerity as the need to use that countries GDP from commerce to repay those loans.

So to sum that up you have to imagine say, your country being bombed, invaded, occupied and political candidates are all selected by the invading country. This is sold as Democracy!

It is important to also realize the use of propaganda back home. They’ll use great racist names to demonize those like… Jap’s, Bosh, Russkie, evil Muslims, slopes, slant eyes and the list goes on and on.

If you remember historical accounts of say the “French Freedom Fighters of WWII?”  You’ll recall that they to thwart the illegal occupation of their country. That the resistance went around blowing up railroads, bridges, tunnels, communication lines and so on. (Hogan’s Hero’s?)

So the media as well as government today simply renames those Freedom Fighters fighting in a resistance to the illegal occupation to “Insurgents” or “Radical Jihadist’s.” To wit those back home, as well as the foot soldiers, are emboldened to wipe the resistance out. Its called also Collateral Damage also.

Inasmuch as say when the foot soldier dies or is injured. You are to feel so angered by their death or injury. But forget about those others in that country that were killed or injured.

People in general fail to see the scope of death.

In the first Gulf War it is estimated that 100,000 Iraqi’s died.
Below is a picture of the Ohio Stadium with an occupancy of 110,000

The CIA supplied the GAS that Saddam used to in the Iraq and Iran war. 250,000 Iraqi fatalities and 155,000 Iranian fatalities So imagine this photo of human lives lost 4 times.

Yet it is only when an American life is lost that we as Americans are supposed to care about life? Yet knowing also that these wars were provoked by the United States.

Now add Libya, Syria, Ukraine and other countries. And perhaps soon to be Venezuela.? Cuba? Nicaragua? They are all in the news and in the sight’s of this administration.

Does blind patriotism allow you to support the above?