March 8, 2019 in News by RBN Staff




Achille police department suspended until next week

While all four officers will be suspended with pay, Achille mayor David Northcutt says termination is a possibility.

“There were several issues which some felt arose in which the warrant was delivered, as well as other actions that occurred at the residence,” said Northcutt.

The officers will be interviewed and the body cam footage will be reviewed by the Town’s Board of Trustees.

Three out of five of those trustees have had recent run-ins with the law.

Councilman Lynn Chambers was arrested in December for meth trafficking and possession of weapons during a felony.

Northcutt was arrested by deputies in October for meth possession and first degree burglary, and on Saturday he was beaten in an Achille Convenient Store and sent to a local hospital.

And on Monday morning, police searched Bryan Baker’s home.

Michael Coble who rents a barn apartment from Baker, also had his home searched by Achille Police.

He says the gun and ammo police found belonged to him.

“So they came in there and got my weapon and tried charging my neighbor with it, which I think is cruel. If it wasn’t found in their house, they should have packed up and left,” said Coble.

Coble says he has been given his gun back.

News 12 spoke with an anonymous Oklahoma law enforcement officer with over 20 years of experience … he says he has seen video from Ashley Baker’s phone and police body cam.. and says the Achille police were within their rights on the search warrant.

For now, Bryan County Sheriffs deputies will patrol the area and take 911 calls.

In the meantime Achille police chief Chris Watson can work on pending cases in the office.

Achille board of trustees will vote on Tuesday night.

Below is the news coverage on the raid.