Reporter Fired After Confirming 2 of Ted Cruz’s Mistresses, Deleted From Washington Times Website

March 31, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


Editorial Writer at Washington Post Fired Abruptly after Confirming 2 of Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s Mistresses Listed by a National Tabloid

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report

Washington Times columnist and editorial writer, Drew Johnson, was suddenly terminated after he confirmed on Twitter that at least 2 of the names given in a recent National Enquirer‘s story claiming that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has participated in extramarital sexual relations with 5 women, including a prostitute.

However, the former editor said one of the names on the list does not check out, Amanda Carpenter.

Johnson said other media outlets knew about the affairs, but refused to run the story. Many even passing on it feeling it was not in their “best interest” to run the article.

The Washington Times incredibly unhappy with Johnson’s decision to go public, claimed in misleading fashion that he has not worked for the conservative paper for over a year. He quickly posted a photocopy of his paycheck to prove he still receives a direct deposit for being an editor at the Washington Times. The news source went as far as deleting any mention and trace of the editor on their site.



Here is the reaction to the direct deposit tweet from Drew Johnson.









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