Requesting prayers for Jack and Angie McLamb, please…

January 9, 2014 in News by The Manimal

A Message from a very caring patriot:

Dear caring friends of Jack McLamb –

This message requires no response, but is sent only to advise of a current situation, and to ask you to join with us in special prayer for Jack, and also for Angie.  

Yesterday, Monday morning, Jack collapsed at home while Angie was assisting him in the shower.  He was rushed to a hospital in Evansville, Indiana, and as of now, 24 hours later, Jack remains under intensive care.  While it took paramedics only 7 minutes to arrive at the home where they administered CPR immediately, it is feared that Jack may have been without oxygen for a few intervening moments, and hence a concern about possible brain damage.  Let us all hope and pray not.

Again, all we are asking at this time is for your prayer support.  We trust that from within his (totally healthy and wide awake!) inner spirit, Jack will be fully able to receive, appreciate and be blessed by this outpouring of loving support.  Thank you, and God bless you each and all for it.  We will try to send updates as available.

Theresa and Bob Huebner,
Jean and Jim Hisaw and 
Carol Asher