Robert Francis O’Rourke Makes MAJOR Statement on AR-15’s in America

March 19, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Flag & Cross

O’Rourke, like many of his fellow democrats, is refusing to acknowledge the purpose of the Second Amendment.


Robert Francis O’Rourke, whose “Beto” nickname has been characterized as cultural appropriation by a prominent Latino journalist, is stepping back into controversy this week…this time at the expense of the Second Amendment.

It has long been understood that the liberal left wants to restrict the use of firearms in America.  This comes from a place of manufactured fear and the sensationalism of the mainstream media, who are often found figuratively foaming at the mouth on the front lawn of whatever school, workplace, or public space has most recently been targeted.

Tragedy, like comedy, makes for an entertaining newscast, and these culture vultures spend their days tugging at your emotional heart strings in order to keep you hooked through the commercial break.  The unfortunate truth is that a school shooting or mosque massacre will keep you glued to your seats, thus inflating these pundits’ paychecks.


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In order to maximize their time in your home, the mainstream media often turns vitriolic and combative, allowing guests to simply yell at one another for the sole purpose of riling you up.  It’s a dirty trick that demands exposure.

Now, thanks to the extreme rhetoric on subjects such as the Second Amendment, we have mainstream democratic candidates who are actively seeking to curtail the Constitution…all to cash in on the same dirty media trick of getting us flustered and confounded.

In an interview published by the Hill, O’Rourke said current AR-15 owners ought to be able to keep their firearms, but further sales of the rifles in America ought to be prohibited. In the building up to his call for a ban O’Rourke described the AR-15 as super powerful weapon designed “for the express purpose of killing people as effectively as possible, in as great a number as possible.”

O’Rourke’s insinuation regarding the AR-15 lacks one major realization, however…

If tyranny ever does arrive on our doorstep in America, it won’t come in quietly and singularly, and Americans will have the Constitutional duty to dispatch evildoers “as effectively as possible, in as great a number as possible”.