Sandy Hook: CT State Worker Reveals Why He Resigned His Position… “It made me feel sick…”

February 17, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Freedom Outpost

What would you do if you worked for a state government agency and you suspected that they were covering up something really horrible?

In a moment you will read an email from a gentleman who did the only thing he could do.

He quit.

I need you to understand a few things about this email. First off, it was unsolicited, so it’s not in the form of any kind of interview. I went back and asked if I could use this, because I feel it is that important.

Secondly, I want you to understand that I do not consider myself a professional journalist. I am a truth seeker and a blogger. I am proud of that. I will always be a blogger. As a blogger I allow myself to be human and I respect the same in others. You will find that I have censored a lot of sections of this email and replaced those sections with [bold letters in brackets] to try to give you an idea of the meaning. Why? Because this isn’t a “Rosebud” fantasy piece. This person is real. He has a family and the safety of his family means everything. I tried to get rid of things that might give extra clues to his identity.

There are some things that, if left alone, would have made for a much bigger story, but we just can’t go there. For instance, the website that is blacked out is a top-100 site that gets literally hundreds of millions of views per month. I recently read that Drudge Report gets a billion page views per month and this page is decidedly more popular. The executive is a recognizable name that is probably on the NSA speed-dial list. All it would take is one phone call to get the ball rolling. The truth is that the NSA probably already has copies of our emails, but we don’t want to take any extra risks that have not already been taken.

With that said, I present the following email to you, because I think it’s important for everyone to understand that there are those inside the Connecticut State Government who have serious questions about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. Here is the email:

Hi Dean,

I am neither a paid researcher nor journalist. I am a citizen of the State of CT- and I was a State of CT employee for [xx-withheld] years, and recently resigned to pursue a career in personal/private professional investigations after, sadly, seeing the way my efforts were change were not only thwarted, but held in contempt. The frustration and cognitive (moral) dissonance of working for a [withheld-department that employed him] which was acting in ways so as to support [changed- term used generally means “immoral”] activity made me feel like a hypocrite, and I left a financially comfortable job to seek something more personally satisfying. I add this background because I’d like you to know I am college educated, worked for the government (got quite the inside look at some things, nothing huge, I wasn’t that important but enough), and continue to pursue higher education and my hobby of investigating. I do not simply buy the news I am fed, but likewise I do not simply buy a conspiracy theory. I inductively do my own investigating, research, collect data, etc. I like #s, charts, hard facts. I love a good mystery.

The day after 12/14/12- Sandy Hook- I overheard a snippet of a conversation between 2 very senior officials in the State Dept in which I worked. I shouldn’t have heard it, I know, because they were whispering and did not know I was around the corner. Their tone discussing the ‘moment of silence’ we were about to be holding in the office in honor of the victims was a joking tone, and one of the 2 alluded to the other one something along the lines of “well that’s what we’re being fed, so just do it” and they snickered and I wish I had paid more attention, but it made me feel sick.

Prior to that date, the word conspiracy made me laugh, and I brushed it off. But something in their voices that day, caused me to file it away. Then…the reports of conspiracy surrounding SH were popping up. And little by little, the veil was lifted. At [xx-withheld] years old, I suddenly felt disdain for the media, and embarrassment at how much I’d believed. And, I was off. Researching, navigating public records, and sites as I’d been trained to do for work, I gathered much the same data on the homes assessment values that I saw you did as well [referencing this recent article by Dr. Eowyn]. I posted it on [extremely popular social networking site-withheld] under the username [withheld] (if you go to [site withheld]) and search for [username withheld] you *may* be able to see some posts, or click link below. However, posting what you did, the 12/25/09 $0 values, and my curious new finding that 3 of the victim’s families had won the CT lottery twice, caused me to have my post removed, and my username banned from the post was public info, in good taste, very factual and not at all breaking any rules of the site.

Within an hour, I got a message- from [withheld, very influential online executive]. He said he personally removed my post and username- which he has never done before- but that I was “making some people very uncomfortable”. I politely asked what crime I committed in others’ discomfort- much of the info in challenging govt and media is disconcerting, adding that I am uncomfortable with what I know as well. He said basically that my information was “very thorough and well researched and showed a lot of validity” and that he was contacted to remove it personally and he did not want me to post anything further as I could cause a lawsuit, essentially.

Well, I stopped posting under that name there, and yet the fire under my ass was lit even more.

I continue to research, the way I’m working now is victimology. (As well as look into the families of the Public Relations wave that occurred Post Event. I’ve steered away from exploring the more common names eg. Gene Rosen) I have noticed the importance of Karen Eifert (Tersak) Dr(e)yer, as well as Lillian and Tom Bittman, AND many of the people who volunteer for Sandy Hook’s Vol Fire Dept.

I’ve also noticed that there are areas of the town with a higher concentration of involved parties- of course there could be many reasons for this, but I’ve noticed a trend where some streets are entirely populated with either victims’ families, friends who spoke out in the media, and political figures/town employees.

There was either political and media manipulation and orchestration etc. ad nauseum, OR this is an absolutely fascinating case study in synchronicity and some form of anomalous coincidences occurring in a very Jungian collective unconscious.

Statistical anomalies abound and the reasons are either one of those, I think.

What is also interesting is that I do not have a theory- that is to say, I don’t know WHAT happened that day, WHO orchestrated it, or HOW. I do not know what I think about if children were hurt, who the families were, what is true/real. I do know that what we are being fed is false, but I do not have a working theory that I am seeking to prove. All I want is the truth.

I think the lottery connection is something correlational– not positive- but it seems to be another corrupt/scandal issue that a few families have some cross over connections with. I will link you to a site that is interesting to research. Other states do not have so many repeat winners. CT is an anomaly, and searching for Newtown and Sandy Hook’s winners will return extremely anomalous results.

I suppose I’m reaching out to say thank you, to share my experience, and to connect. Attempting to find the truth is lonely, and truly only personally morally rewarding. Following my heart has hit my bank account, and put a slump in my career, and yet I wouldn’t change it because I feel there is real merit here.

If I rocked the boat enough for [withheld identity and accolade mentioned, this is a very important and well-known online executive] – then I (and thus, you) are doing something right.

How goes it for you now? I hope to hear from you. Do you have any advice on how I can make a living in this field? It is a tough road, but I can’t seem to go back to the life I was leading now that I’ve lifted this veil, you know?

I hope we can share/discuss, or you can lend me some ideas/insight. Truth seeking is a thankless lonely road!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


[name withheld]

If you received this email, wouldn’t you feel the need to share it with people? It may not be front page news but it is genuine and I think it is very important. I am not really a Sandy Hook conspiracy person. We have printed some stories on our blog about Sandy Hook inconsistencies but most of those were written by others. In fact, I am the guy who wrote the truth piece about the Victoria Soto Facebook page. Rather than jump on the bandwagon, I actually showed people how you could start a Facebook page and make it look like it was published before an event ever took place.

But when something stinks I am not afraid to expose that either.

I had never heard about this Sandy Hook-lottery angle that my friend is telling us about so I decided to check it out. It could be total coincidence and it might be something bigger. But I found this and I did check out the winner with the Connecticut lottery winner’s database. I did not check out the other claims, but he did, in fact, win significant sums twice:

Does anyone find it interesting that a parent of a Sandy Hook victim won the lottery? …….twice?

  • Mark Mattioli won $100,000 on 9/16/11.
  • Mark Mattioli’s son, James Mattioli, was a victim in the shooting on 12/14/12.
  • Mark Mattioli won $50,000 on 12/20/13.
  • Spokeswoman for the lottery is Diane Mattioli.
  • James Mattioli is surrounded by Sandy Hook victims, and news spokes people.
  • The Mattiolis lived on the SAME street as the following:

PLEASE NOTE: I have not named the street, or any of their personal information

  • Victim James Mattioli
  • Victim Jesse Lewis
  • Victim Anne Marie Murphy
  • Victim Allison Wyatt
  • Victim Avielle Richman
  • Victim Benjamin Wheeler’s aunt/uncle/cousins
  • Victim Avielle Richman’s mother- Jennifer Hensel- owns a business there
  • 1st Responding Police Officer on scene Dennis Bradshaw
  • the Sibleys who went on Katie Couric for interview
  • Eisele family, daughter was not injured, but was in school. Went on Assoc Press circuit making statements
  • PPT Coordinator for Newtown Schools, Julie Schwartz
  • Sandy Hook School Donation Fund for Families is on this street
  • Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue is on this street
  • Sandy Hook PTA member and vocal in news, Karyn Holden


With a little research last night, I found that there is a lot of alleged corruption in Connecticut with the lottery. There are an abnormal amount of repeat winners in that state and a lot of them have no perceived ties to Sandy Hook.

So what is the truth about Sandy Hook?

We may never know but that won’t stop us from looking for the truth. Would the government set up a false flag situation like this if it advanced an agenda?

My belief is that they will do anything they need to do to get what they want. If you think our government is beyond killing innocent children, or making it look like innocent children were killed, to advance a gun control agenda, then you just aren’t paying attention.

If saying that makes me a conspiracy theorist then so be it.

I seek the truth.