Satellite reception problems?!

May 15, 2024 in Columnists, News, RBN Updates, Video by RBN Staff


RBN hopes that you can receive our signal clearly, no matter how you connect, BUT, there will always be problems with ‘line-of-sight’ and satellite dish signals.

Please check this post, if you need help clarifying the reception.

Thanks for your support, and good luck!

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Source: BBC

If your satellite picture [or audio] becomes frozen, pixellates or there is sound break up it is probably due to one of the following: the dish has moved, the cable is damaged, something is in front of the dish, it is raining very hard, or there is snow in the dish.

If you find the problem is the dish or cable, you should seek the advice of a qualified installer, or speak to your satellite provider, Freesat or Sky.


Check all the cables between your TV equipment and satellite dish are connected securely. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cables as this often works. While doing so, check none are damaged or wet.


Unplug your receiver from the mains and leave for 10 minutes. Turn it on again and see whether the problem has gone.

Dish has moved

There can be problems even if the dish is pointing only slightly in the wrong direction. Strong winds can cause this. The dish will need to be re-positioned correctly.

Dish Installation

Check whether the outside cable or connectors have any signs of damage, or whether they are loose or cracked as water can get into your aerial installation. Water will reduce the quality of the signal going through the cable and cause pixelation and loss of channels. See our help guide on cables and water ingress  for further information


Anything in front of the dish, for example a tree, will weaken the satellite signal. Check whether anything has appeared in front of the dish recently.

Heavy Rain

Very hard rain has the potential to stop or weaken the satellite signal. Wait for the rain to stop and the problem should go away.


If snow builds up in the satellite dish then this will stop or weaken the signal. If safe to do so, clear the dish of snow or wait until it thaws.

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Works & Warnings

Check our Works and Warnings page to see if there any known technical problems.

Qualified Installer

We cannot recommend individual Installers. However the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) is a recognised trade body which will be able to put you in touch with one of their members in your area.