Say NO! To All the Big Lies

April 14, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Lew Rockwell

It’s SOP for top secret agents working on “sensitive” blacks ops who are murdered to be officially listed for the public as  victims of accidents or suicides. If the deaths get no media attention, the black ops agencies say nothing and the death is unreported, unnoticed by the public, which is what the black ops immensely prefer.

This is obvious.

Far more importantly, there are whole agencies, military and police secret units, “courts” and “legal proceedings” that are black ops, top secrets hidden from the public.

Intelligent people know these things and take them for granted and also take it for granted that the general public is still so ignorant about the vast secrets of the U.S. and other major governments that most of them pay no attention and, like “Good Germans” in Nazi Germany, rarely even whisper with friends about the vast evils being perpetrate for fear of looking  like “conspiracy nuts” or traitors in need of black ops “justice.”

Even more importantly, the U.S. and other nations like the U.K. carry out vast kidnapping and torture black ops, such as the “Renditions,” secret wars around the world, vast theft, and all the other crimes of mankind.

Intelligent people are learning slowly about all of this and finally learn to just say to themselves, “NO! I wont’ believe anything these terrible criminals say and I absolutely will not help them in any way.”

Those of us who learned long ago from experience or from friends inside the black ops world what has been growing like a totally consuming brain cancer at the top of our nations did that long ago. I was reminded of all of that a few nights ago watching a collection of interview highlights Charlie Rose had done with Peter Matthiesson over the years. He admitted he  had been an agent for the CIA back in its early days when he was in his early 20′s. He said it took him a few years in the field to realize the CIA was doing all the things he was against, so he quit. He never said what those black ops were, which is SOP, since anyone who tells the truth about the black ops from inside can wind up having an awful accident [as one former head of the CIA who became openly critical of the black ops did one night in the Chesapeake].

Even the current issue of Princeton Alum. magazine has a letter to the editor pointing out that, if Snowden had tried to defend his actions revealing the truth about the vast black ops crimes of the U.S., he would have been put on trial in secret and denied all Constitutional rights of free trial in public, discovery, and so on. He would have been railroaded into a secret prison for life like Noriega, or “committed suicide,” or fallen out of a barred window in his secret dungeon.

It’s all SOP and all obvious now.