Did the Feds Back Down In Nevada From Fear of Corruption Being Exposed?

April 14, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Political Outcast

Do you want to know how deep the rabbit hole of official corruption goes in America today? Or do you enjoy your blissful ignorance?

Why did the Feds back down in Nevada? Perhaps because the real story was attracting attention. It increased the potential that an authentic journalist might finally do their job, and connect-the-dots for some very nasty and inconvenient facts.

Bundy Ranch, it appears, was merely an inconvenient pawn in a very high-stakes game involving Harry Reid, his son, Warren Buffett, and Barack Obama, with the residents of Nevada as patsies.

Buffett bought Obama for the potential of massive financial gain, and Mr. Las Vegas Mafia lawyer, Harry Reid, has been a key ally in the Mob and its nefarious plans to get rich—very rich—at the people of Nevada’s expense (and I don’t doubt such is true in other locales, as well).

From the Nevada Policy Research Institute:

Nevada’s Public Utility Commission protested the plan on the grounds that it would impose unnecessary costs on electric ratepayers while also removing the plan’s entire implementation from the PUC’s regulatory oversight. Along with the state consumer advocate, the PUC testified vociferously against Senate Bill 123 during legislative hearings. One PUC spokesman went so far as to say “NV Energy’s rate-impact estimates aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.”

At the same time, however, investors on Wall Street were keeping a close eye on the hearings and salivating over the profit potential that NV Energy could gain with the bill’s passage. They upgraded NV Energy’s stock with the expectation that Senate Bill 123 could become law.

Then, days before the Assembly commerce committee voted on the measure, Buffett announced his plans to acquire all of NV Energy’s shares. Reportedly, Buffett first engaged in talks with NV Energy’s directors around the time that the utility inserted its fuel-switch plan as a sweeping amendment to Senate Bill 123.

Buffett then began personally placing calls to key policymakers — including Gov. Brian Sandoval, Atkinson, and Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis — lobbying for the bill’s passage. At the same time, NV Energy lobbyists, led by Pete Ernault — longtime advisor to Sandoval — amped up the pressure on lawmakers to support the bill.

Within a week, the Legislature concluded with the Assembly passing the expensive new mandate Buffett sought. Eight days later, Sandoval would sign the measure into law, guaranteeing the “Wizard of Omaha” huge new profits — at the direct expense of Nevada ratepayers.

The old movie line seems appropriate: Follow the money.