Screenshot: The Democrats Plotted, If Trump Would Win, To Use Alternate Electors And Stage Capitol Riots To Install Pelosi As Interim President

December 22, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


*Note: It appears this post has been removed from the source site, so it may have been a false report…





Turns out dems had planned for alternate electors if Trump won in anything besides a landslide. Even planned on staging protests INSIDE the capitol to stop certification and to install Pelosi as interim president.

“The Count” PDF document that predates the 2020 Election evidencing Sunrise Movements foreknowledge of the outcome in the 2020 Election and the events that would follow. It also evidences their planned responses and actions scheduled for J6 to physically disrupt the electoral vote count by protesting inside the Capitol.




If you remember right before the election, we got a bunch of stories about Podesta and the rest of them ‘war gaming’ election scenarios.

Is this from their war gaming scenarios?

We can tell that it is!

The document was sent out with instructions to officials, the media, and election workers. They got everything set up, all the narratives and actions well beforehand. This was the product of the war gaming. It was implemented through this.

The “The Count” was authored by Zack Malitz, Brandon Evans, and Becky Bond.

Malitz and Bond are both Bernie & Beto campaign officials and leaders of the Real Justice PAC.

Real Justice PAC was co-founded in February 2018 by political activist Shaun King and several former staff members from Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. The Pac was co-founded by Shaun King.

Opinion: I believe the Dems plan for 2024 is to execute their plan to convict and/or jail Donald Trump to use it as a trigger point to spark nationwide civil unrest to justify an emergency declaration which would give them power to conduct the election via mail-in-ballots in the name of protecting voters from gerrymandering due to fear of “violent right wing militias”. This will open the door for another massive ballot harvesting and stuffing operation to steal the 2024 election. We must be on the look out for any attempt to declare another emergency either via a pandemic psyop or baiting civil unrest.

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