Shocking John Fetterman undercover video released

May 25, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: The Horn News

A secret undercover video of one of Sen. John Fetterman’s aides was released late Wednesday — and what it showed was shocking to critics.

In a series of conversations, an undercover reporter captured a Special Assistant to Sen. Fetterman, Luke Borwegan, saying that the Pennsylvania Democrats office handpicks journalists that will “help them paint the narrative.”

“Everyone wants a f**king story on Fetterman,” Borwegan said on hidden camera.

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Fetterman has had two extended hospitalization stays since taking office in January over complications after his near-fatal stroke last year.

The Democratic senator suffered permanent brain damage that leaves him unable to process spoken words and leaves him struggling to express himself. Critics have called for his resignation.

Borwegan said Fetterman’s office will only select mainstream media outlets that will show and say what his office wants them to say, and won’t ask hard questions about the senator.

“When you’re so exclusive with who you give interviews to, the ones you pick will say exactly what you f**king want them to,” he said.

Fetterman’s office can tell reporters to “go f**k themselves” and called mainstream reporters “puppets” for Fetterman. He named reporter Kara Swisher and the podcast Pod Saves America as two of these puppets.

Borwegan also brags that Fetterman is “okay with overturning the Second Amendment.”

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Fetterman’s office declined to comment to O’Keefe’s organization.

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