Sobriety Checkpoints for The People? No, Just For Those Who Usurp Our Rights With Power

June 27, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je Suis Spike

refuse unConstitutional checkpoints

Absolutely and immediately we cannot have one more day that we don’t check (as in prevent) our legislators, drunk with power, from foisting upon us more unConstitutional, rights-usurping legislation. We need checkpoints outside every room in which somebody has the power to force somebody else do something against their will or be made to suffer government punishment. And, by the way, I don’t care what some court full of men (or women) says, sobriety checkpoints just aren’t in the Constitution of the united States of America and I do not consent to any government (including state governments) forcing me, without cause, to prove that I am not inebriated and certainly if I have harmed no one and am not endangering anybody.

We also should have Constitutionality checkpoints wherein legislators are made to prove that they understand that RIGHTS come from the Creator- not government- and, if they do not understand this, they should be sent home to contemplate the reverse of what they do to us, the people; that is, they should contemplate the people forcing them to do something against nature, morality or their will. Well, then again, getting most legislators to do something against morality or nature might not be too hard, if a little expensive. In fact, I believe that there are a majority of legislators in this country that do something immoral and/or unnatural- which negatively affect us, the people- every day. That’s just a hunch, you understand, but a hunch based upon evidence which is the immorality displayed by so many legislators who are willing to put their hand on God’s word, the Holy Bible, and tell a lie as they swear to uphold the Constitution just before they then go straight to work shredding that very document, taking the name of the Lord in vain.

Sobriety checkpoints to stop legislators drunk with power? To serve the people, HELL YES!

Sobriety checkpoints to stop everybody on a road and forcing them to prove themselves sober? Sieg Hic, Hic, Heil! HEIL NO!

And do, please, keep in mind that many in “law enforcement” are good men and women who are just failing to understand, as so many of the people do, that much of what they do does not comport with the Constitution. There are many well-intentioned police officers whose failure is to understand the Constitution and I think that we should treat them, without surrendering our rights, with the same politeness and respect we wish them to show us until they demonstrate themselves willing to knowingly disobey the law and rules of mere human decency. We CAN all get along when we are all educated in how to understand and protect all the rights we all have.

How to Refuse Un-Constitutional Checkpoint:

May that the people prevail.

Je Suis Spike