Some Snippets of Nooze

January 5, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

by Lee Duigon

January 5, 2023

The year is new, but the nooze is same-old, same-old. Here are just a couple of pieces of it.

*Do you ever get the feeling that some of the leaders of the Republican Party are in the bag for Democrats? Passing that $1.7 trillion potlatch, for instance. It’s like there’s a deal in place: “You let us run wild and ruin the country, and we’ll make sure you come home from Capitol Hill as rich as Croesus.” It would be very nice to think this isn’t going on.

*That $1.7 trillion deluxe fun-pack includes a provision to equip all new cars with a “kill switch” so that unspecified “authorities” can remotely shut off your car whenever they feel the urge for it. This is supposed to happen sometime within the next five years.

It’s for our Safety, of course—perish the thought that it’s just another dystopian scheme to rob us of our liberties. Your car will only work when they want it to work. So be careful what you say on social media! You’re probably guilty of Stochastic Terrorism.

*Meanwhile, Communist China has taken the lead in the development of a “virtual person” industry. Simply speaking, these are hi-tech electronic puppets intended to replace real people as “influencers” (as if the real ones weren’t bad enough) and “scandal-free icons” for pitching goods and services. You can get them in 3-D, or pay a lot less for two-dimensional figures.

Well, heck, it’s such an improvement over real people! You know the World Economic Forum thinks so. Virtual persons will never go on strike for higher salaries—in fact, once you’ve bought one, you’ll never have to pay it or feed it or tell it bedtime stories—nor will they ever show up drunk, or get caught sexually harassing their co-workers, or say or do anything politically questionable. No need to worry about a virtual person turning against The Party or The Corporation and going whistle-blower.

If you can’t get full compliance from real people, you can certainly get it from your hi-tech puppets. And full compliance is what ruling the world is all about.

Suddenly I’m fed up with the nooze. But let’s try one more snippet.

*Jane Goodall, who became famous in the 1970s for studying chimpanzees in the wild, gave a presentation to the World Economic Forum in 2020—the video has only just resurfaced—in which she declared that the earth needs to be depopulated… to fight (you guessed it) Climbit Change! She reckoned erasing 7.5 billion of us ought to do the trick—only half a billion left, after that. Hey, we’re mostly just a lot of “useless eaters,” right?

We are governed and lectured to by misanthropes who really, truly don’t like us.

We could hit them back by pulling tens of millions of our children out of public schools run by wackos in the teachers’ unions and “educators” who wish they had a seat at all those WEF wingdings at Davos. We could save a whole generation from being groomed for variant sex and encouraged to have their gender “reassigned.” Anyone who thinks this doesn’t need doing has simply not been paying attention.

We may not live long enough to see better news crowd out the bad; but it would be good to make some provision for our children’s sanity.