Swedish MEP Slams Anti-Semitic Accusations Of Israeli ‘Terrorism’ By “Batshit Crazy Left”

January 2, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge

TUESDAY, JAN 02, 2024 – 01:00 AM

Authored by Catherine Salgado via PJMedia.com,

A Swedish member of the European Parliament (MEP) ripped apart a “batsh*t crazy” colleague who falsely accused Israel of terrorism and apartheid. The Israel-hating left “does not belong in any elected chamber,” the MEP argued.

Researcher Dr. Eli David shared a clip on Dec. 31 from the European Union’s Parliament, featuring Sweden’s Sara Skyttedal calling out an Irish MEP’s anti-semitism. Even as the Irish people angrily protest the woke globalism ruining their country and filling it with violent Muslims, Ireland MEP Mick Wallace is spewing lies about Israel. As Israel continues to fight Hamas after the horrific and heinous Oct. 7 attack that left over 1,400 Israelis brutally massacred, many Western leftists still pretend Gaza is the victim and Israel is the eeeevil aggressor.

Skyttedal had had enough of Wallace’s propaganda, however.

“I am deeply concerned about my Irish colleague from the left group,” Skyttedal began. “Anti-Semitism is on the rise throughout Europe, and an elected official continues to spread anti-Semitic messages.”

It’s a dangerous prejudice, liable to lead to violence.

Skyttedal went on, “Also, this is a war that started because of terrorism, a war between a democratic state and a terrorist group.” Israel is the free and legitimate state, Hamas is the jihadi group.

“But in your upside-down world,” Skyttedal told Wallace, “you are calling the democratic state the terrorists, and not even mentioning the atrocities committed by Hamas. This, my dear colleagues, is a clear example of the batsh*t crazy left that does not belong in any elected chamber, let alone this one.”

Dr. David’s clip also included part of Wallace’s nonsensical response to Skyttedal.

Wallace, who was dressed almost as well as John Fetterman and whose hair-styling appears to consist of sticking his finger in a light socket, babbled, “You’re calling Israel a democratic state. Let me tell you something, right. But democratic states don’t behave like an apartheid state.”

Israel IS NOT an apartheid state. The so-called “Palestinians,” an invented people, have no right to Israeli land and they have been refusing peace in favor of trying to obliterate Israel for decades (not to mention they have their own Arab state already: Jordan). The majority of Gazans support jihad against Israel (even the children), and the war was triggered by shocking Hamas atrocities, unprovoked and entirely unjustifiable. Hamas then engaged in their usual practice of hiding behind human shields, even aggressively preventing civilian evacuations to try and ensure Israeli strikes would kill more Gazan civilians. Not to mention Islamic scriptures demonize Jews, as PJ Media’s Robert Spencer explained, and Palestinian leadership has long insisted that killing Jews is a holy work, a service to Allah and Islam.

Mick Wallace is a shameless anti-Semite, spouting terrorist propaganda because he has been brainwashed by leftist ideology. As Skyttedal said, such men should not be in any elected chamber.