Talk Show Call-In Listen Line Provider Fighting Back Against Broadcasting Blocks By Phone Service Providers T-Mobile, Metro PCS

April 12, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Zeno Radio (RBN’s live phone listen line service provider) bulletin to broadcasters …

I wanted to thank you for being a part of the ZenoRadio Call-to-Listen Network. I also wanted to let you know about a situation that is affecting many broadcasters like you.


Recently, T-mobile has engaged in aggressive tactics against prayer groups and other listeners. T-mobile has deemed these calls “out of plan” and are charging callers an extra penny per minute. We at ZenoRadio find T-mobile’s discriminatory program reprehensible and we are doing everything we can to fight it.


Unfortunately, we need to inform you that T-Mobile has applied this “out of plan” status to your phone number (DID) [number redacted -RBN]. This issue will affect all listeners who use T-Mobile or Metro PCS to listen to your broadcast.


What can you do?


We have you covered. As I mentioned earlier, we are fighting this unfair practice and we expect to win. In the meanwhile, please follow these steps:


  • Don’t worry or over react — This only affects T-Mobile and Metro PCS listeners. Most of your listeners are completely unaffected by this issue.

  • Encourage your listeners to switch to carriers that are not discriminating against them. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and all the MVNO carriers (like Boost, Cricket or Lyca) are good options.

  • Encourage your listeners to call T-Mobile and complain. They can also file a complaint with the FCC —
    By filing a consumer complaint and telling your story, you contribute to federal enforcement and consumer protection efforts on a national scale and help us identify …
  • Encourage your listeners to text or call your Hotline to sign up for updates.


What is a Hotline?


We have set up a special phone number just for your listeners. We call this the Listener Hotline. Your T-mobile listeners can text or call this number and they will be receive a new number to call to hear your broadcast without extra charges.


Important — This Hotline number is for T-Mobile and Metro PCS subscribers only. All others are unaffected by this policy and should not call the Hotline


Your Hotline phone number is : [number redacted -RBN]

Thank you,

[Zeno Radio]

For Technical Support please contact us through Intercom by clicking on the  sign from your ZenoRadio dashboard.

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