Telecom giant accused of doing bidding of LGBT movement

January 3, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: One News Now | Charlie Butts

AT&T sign on building

AT&T continues its long record of lending support to the left on social issues, according to a corporate watchdog group.

2ndVote tracks major companies in the U.S. for their support on various issues ranging from the environment to abortion to homosexual activism. Spokesman Robert Kuykendall tells OneNewsNow that AT&T has consistently supported the left – especially radical same-sex activism.

“In most recent days, we see where AT&T is extending ‘gender identity protection’ under the guise of a union contract,” he explains, “but it really appears that AT&T is trying to do the bidding of the radical LGBT movement.”

AT&T’s contract with the Communication Workers of America (CWA) union provides enforceable protections, for example, for men wearing women’s clothing at work, regardless of union members who oppose it – a policy impacting thousands of workers in 16 states.

2ndVote has documented several other examples of the telecom company’s advocacy for “gay and lesbian” issues, including sponsorship of events hosted/promoted by the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign. In addition, says Kuykendall, last year AT&T was a champion of a group called Equality California.

“… Equality California organization has actually lobbied for the criminalization of improper pronoun use,” he tells OneNewsNow. “They want to demand that you call a ‘he’ a ‘she’ and vice versa, or you’ll risk jail time in California.”

Kuykendall says people need to be informed about AT&T and other corporations and where they stand on conservative issues of importance so they can exercise their right to vote – first, in the voting booth; and second, by choosing where they spend their paychecks.

According to 2ndVote, AT&T also sponsors, funds, or partners with numerous events and organizations that oppose religious liberty.