Texas Governor Erupts After Proposal To Change the Way the Alamo Is Taught

September 9, 2018 in News by RBN Staff

Source: www.westernjournal.com

If you want to transform a society — start with the children. Teach them at an early age what you want society to be like in the future and they will make it so.

The left and conservatives have been in a virtual war for the minds of our youth for decades and now some Texans are fighting to keep the valor and heroism of one of their greatest historical battles at the forefront of history in school curriculums in their state.

In the never ending shifting of curriculum standards, state school boards struggle to jam pack content into daily lesson plans for K-12 courses of study. However Texans are conflicted as how to teach their students to remember the Alamo.

The Dallas News reported the struggle between the Texas State Board of Education and conservatives who want to keep heroism alive in the minds of Texas youths.

“A panel advising the State Board of Education on what seventh-graders should learn in their social studies courses has urged deleting the label “heroic” from a curriculum standard about the Alamo’s defenders.”