The Cheapest COVID-19 Therapy in the World

May 11, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


 SUNSHINE.  As I have mentioned many times over, but do not have MD by my name.  The Sunshine is a great sanitizer, and provides vital Vitamin D to build a strong immune system.  We have an immune system for a reason.  Heavenly Father created our immune systems, but if only we would allow this great creation to do what it was intended to do, and stop filling our bodies up with unnecessary toxic vaccines, along with their accumulative toxic adjuvants.  If you don’t use it, you will lose it.  Your immune system will gain strength with exposure.  ONLY those who have poor health, (co-morbidities, and serious underlying health problems), should refrain from exposure to lethal pathogens.   Unfortunately, it’s too late for those people.  This is why we need to start with the youth in this country.  Put an end to the sedentary lifestyle.  Children should be running and biking outdoors.  Fresh air and sunshine.  NOT sitting on a couch playing video games.  Cut out all the fatty,(unhealthy), fast food.  Cut out the sugar.  Sugar suppresses the immune system, as does alcohol, (in excess).  Watch the video and share it with others.  I will play it this Sunday for my broadcast.  To think that our Governor,(Rick DeSantis), closed our SUNNY beaches because the DECEIVERS convinced him that the Covid 19 virus would spread among all those who were in the Sunshine.  The truth revealed.  The sun is our friend.  It is the essence of life. It brings us “Natural” immune system building blocks…. Vitamin D.  Take your masks off.  Breath in the fresh air; take in the rays of the Sun. Forget the 6 feet social distancing rule.  Heal; Repair, and Build your immune system. Start today.

– Steve