The Chicago Way is the Only Way to Destroy the New World Order

March 24, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


VIA: American Freedom News

By Mark Dankof



“They pull a knife. You pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. THAT’S the CHICAGO Way. And that’s how you get Capone.”—Sean Connery as Jim Malone to Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness in “The Untouchables”


Every once in a while, one reads something in a Mainstream Media Article that makes the blood boil. In my case, it was a new feature story in the San Antonio-Express News on NBA San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich and his Woke political opinions. This time, his weepy hand wringing was over the present conflict in the Ukraine.

The game is a familiar one. Interview a show business or sports celebrity, or an American political figure where all of them have a vested interest in sounding the Zio-Globalist line on any particular topic. In those rare cases, where someone in these arenas fails to tow the Party Line on the subject and spin in question, the retribution and character assassination that follow are career threatening. The power of The Beast is indeed to be feared and knelt to, if one wishes to continue being a “Star” receiving the wages of one. You know the drill. So do they, as well as those select few who have not bowed the knee to Baal.

The Clinton-NATO Crimes over Serbia in 1999 Cover Story is Proudly Displayed on the American Embassy Electronic Screen in Downtown Moscow in 2022.

Knowing in advance that my rebuttal would never see print in the San Antonio-Express News, I wrote once nonetheless. I did the same recently with ReutersThe Army Times, and The Military Times. Nothing was ever published there, either. Even so, at least a few of these folks who pen these powder-puff pieces know that someone is out there who can think and raise a few questions. Here is my brief note to the author of the San Antonio-Express News story on Gregg Popovich and the war in Ukraine:

Ms. Priscilla Aguirre

San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio, Texas 

I read your article today on Gregg Popovich’s remarks on Ukraine and the Russian invasion of the Donbass on February 24th.

He is certainly entitled to his opinion. You’re equally entitled to publish his observations.

I for one think he knows about as much about the facts and history of this situation as the current President of the United States and his team of advisors, which is absolutely nothing.

David Stockman may be worth your time and that of your readers. It would certainly be worth the time of the “Most Woke Coach in the NBA.”

May I additionally suggest the recent essay of Roman Catholic Archbishop Viganò entitled, “Globalists Have Fomented War in Ukraine to Establish the Tyranny of the New World Order” and my own recent open letter to the people of Russia entitled, “Growing Older but Wiser in the Mythologies of the American Empire.”

Coach Popovich is correct to cite all of the lies behind America’s tragic involvement in Vietnam. I fully agree with that assessment. But I observe that both he and American Main Stream Media are embracing an even bigger set of lies in this present tragedy which intended or not, may well ignite World War III. Sadly, it would seem that the San Antonio Express News is a part of this deception, as are the Clear Channel Digital Billboards beaming their message on every major highway in multiple locations in this city.

I haven’t seen such well managed lies and mythologies since the false spin on 9-11 and the Bush-Cheney-Colin Powell “War on Terror” that subsequently followed.

When this country’s economy collapses, a domestic 21st century Civil War commences, and our kids come back to Dover AFB by the thousands of flag-draped coffins in Sleepy Joe’s Delaware, I hope you will recall this brief note.

And to be absolutely fair, there are plenty of idiots in the Bush-McCain-Romney wing of the GOP who are full supporters of this simian, criminal madness. God and history will hold them equally accountable, although many of the rest of us may be under radiated rubble, unable to remind them–and Gregg Popovich—that they were Dead Wrong.


Mark Dankof


The 9-11 War Cry by Clear Channel Digital Billboards in San Antonio. Is it really for Ukraine? Or the New World Order? Who’s paying for this Around the Clock Bombardment?

The basic arguments underscoring the bankruptcy of American and NATO policy toward Russia made by David Stockman, Archbishop Viganò, and by Yours Truly in my letter to the Russian people need not be reiterated in this current article for readers of the American Freedom News online and in the print edition of The Freedom Times. Suffice it to say that when one understands the historical, geographical, cultural, religious, and military points raised in these previous missals, it becomes apparent that Putin’s Russia had no choice but to invade the Donbass. What may have begun as a mission to save ethnic Russians from the ethnic cleansing of the last 8 years in the Donbass, has now taken on the unmistakable character of a war for national survival for Russia itselfWhat may be less clear is that Putin’s strategy militarily and economically since the 24th of February needs to keep the latter point firmly in focus, not simply for Russia itself and its national sovereignty, but as a means of inflicting such a devastating blow on the New World Order and its American and European political elites that the latter end up literally destroyed by the domestic blowback in the United States and Europe that will occur if their respective slave populations begin to personally suffer a level of pain that opens their eyes to what they have acquiesced to at home, or supported abroad in the destruction of millions of lives globally.

It is not in any sense melodrama or hyperbole to place this war and the unfolding crisis that continues in this context. One can look at any aspect of what is happening in the West with its major institutions and heavyweights to see that the struggle is a Winner-Take-All contest, without any American or European respect, diplomacy, decency, or desire to settle with Russia on the basis of any reasonable and mutually agreeable terms since February 24th. The collective evidence of this is overwhelming: Look at what Glenn Greenwald reports on Western media lies and hysteria in anything pertaining to Putin or the Russian-Ukrainian War. President Assad of Syria reminds us that the West is absolutely bereft of any moral principles as shown by the employment by the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia of al-Qaeda and ISIS in the illegal war that has been conducted against his own government and people. He goes on to state unequivocally that the cynical installment of a Jewish Drag Queen by American Zio-Cons as the current “President” of Ukraine, who in turn employs Neo-Nazis with the full blessing of the United States and the West in what has been a campaign of ethnic cleansing of Russians in the Donbass, is the embodiment of evil. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva provides an excellent summary of what is currently known about the still emerging details of the American Biological Warfare laboratories in Ukraine. Mark Dankof and Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars cover the essential aspects and implications of the Hunter Biden “Laptop from Hell” cover-up of the New York Post expose by American MSM before the 2020 American Presidential Election in a conversation with Sputnik InternationalJames Jatras has uncovered the LGBTQ Agenda at work in the promotion of the United States of events in Ukraine, Russia, and the instigating of divisive tensions in the Orthodox Church regionally as well as globally. And perhaps most importantly for the moment, is Alexander Rubinstein’s latest for The Gray Zone entitled, “US and NATO Arm Neo-Nazi Units in Ukraine as Foreign Policy Elites Yearn for Afghan-Style Insurgency.” The Rubinstein article confirms my own judgment that any remaining hope by Putin, Lavrov, and Russian economists and military brass for a negotiated settlement with the United States, NATO, and the EU on Ukraine or anything else, is a fatal mirage in the desert.

Thus, I am telling my readers tonight at the American Freedom News and The Freedom Times what I will soon be repeating for my radio audiences with the Republic Broadcasting Network and Rense Radio‘s London-based Dankof Report for Andrew Carrington HitchcockPutin must engage the West with the full understanding that he is in an all-out war with the New World Order. It is a Winner-Take-All contest. It is my hope that Larry C. Johnson is correct in his view as expressed in his interview with Mike Whitney for the Unz Review that what remains for Russia to accomplish militarily in the Ukraine is a “mop-up operation.” Yet William M. Arkin’s report on Russian aerial restraint in the theatre of operations for Newsweek and American MSM reports on the resulting Russian casualties thus far in the conflict give me pause. Time will tell.

Flying the LGBTQ Rainbow Flag, or is it now the American Flag? The United States Ambassador in Russia Proudly Displays the International Symbol of Western Sexual Perversion in an Orthodox Country at the American Embassy in Moscow. Welcome to the New World Order.

Thus my advice for Putin is as follows: Win the war in the Ukraine outright, whatever it takesOccupy the entire country afterward. Alexander Rubinstein has convinced me that to do less is to invite a perpetual and draining war of counter-insurgency in the country, where the importation of American and NATO weaponry combined with thousands of foreign mercenaries, will have Russia in a vulnerable position tactically and strategically, even as it is being targeted with merciless economic sanctions. Eradicate the Neo-Nazi battalions without mercy. If Biden becomes so detached from reality that he orders a “No-Fly Zone” over Ukraine, attack the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier task force with hypersonic missiles. Demand the removal of all American and NATO weaponry from the countries added in NATO membership since 1997. In the case of the economic war initiated by the New World Order, take Paul Craig Roberts’ published advice without exception. Any remaining foreign trade must be conducted in rubles. Nationalize every foreign investment in Russia. Demand the complete lifting of the sanctions or the result will be a complete cessation of Russian natural gas and oil to Europe and the West. Engage in a complete embargo of grain, nitrogen-based fertilizers, wheat, and uranium among other crucial metals. And watch the American and European Zio Political Elites crumble as their own populations rise up to put them out of business permanently. I emphasize permanently.

Finally, there is the matter of Russia itself. Western Cultural Marxism and LGBTQ must be liquidated completely in the re-establishment of Russian Orthodox culture in post-Communist Russia. Kick any remaining New World Order NGOs and media outlets out of the country. Perhaps most important of all: Remove any Atlantic Council sympathizers from the Russian government in every sector and from national media and other institutions of significant influence including the educational system. Immediately.

In short, Putin’s Russia and the anti-New World Order American and European Right must be reminded that what I am advocating and recommending for both as a winning strategy is Jim Malone’s (Sean Connery) formula for Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) in successfully destroying Al Capone and his syndicate, described as The Chicago Way in The Untouchables:

“They pull a knife. You pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. THAT’S the CHICAGO Way. And that’s how you get Capone.”