The Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorilla Is In EVERY Room

December 15, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Chuck Baldwin


Everyone talks about the eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the room. But almost no one talks about the eight-hundred-pound gorilla that is in EVERY room. In fact, most people want to pretend as if the eight-hundred-pound gorilla in every room does not even exist, even as they go out of their way to please, pamper, placate, protect and promote that same beast.

This eight-hundred-pound beast is in every newsroom in New York; he is in every office and cloakroom in the U.S. Capitol; he sits in the Oval Office in the White House; he is in every war room in the Pentagon; he is in every classroom in America’s public schools, colleges and universities; he is in every production studio in Hollywood; he is in every spy room in the CIA; he is in every boardroom on Wall Street; he is in every conference room in Big Business; and he is in almost every pulpit in the evangelical churches of America—and that eight-hundred-pound gorilla is Israel.

This column could turn into a very large book with very fine print if I were to list all of the evidence for everything I said above. For the sake of space, I will simply refer you to a few of the most recent examples.

The U.S. Government in Washington, D.C. 

Philip Giraldi:

Washington is run by Israel’s proxies.

Americans remain largely ignorant about the extent to which foreign influence pervades the United States government, and I am not referring to the fraudulent claims made by Hillary Clinton that Russian has interfered materially in US elections. The real threat comes from elsewhere. Few outside the government itself are likely to be aware of the extent to which the state of Israel and its domestic affiliate-lobby operating out of Washington and New York have corrupted the United States political system, to the point where nurturing and enabling the Jewish state in its ambitions to dominate much of the Middle East has become effectively US policy. As the exchanges surrounding the recent fighting in Gaza, rightly referred to as a war crime and ethnic cleansing, perhaps even the first steps in a planned genocide, demonstrate that even when the US has genuine interests at stake Israel believes itself empowered to say “no” to the president of the United States. The assault on Gaza and the ongoing killing of tens of thousands of Palestinians started again on Friday after a week long pause for hostage/prisoner exchanges. It will continue and Washington is complicit in the deaths as it has politically shielded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government no matter what it does while also arming and funding the Israeli actions.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once said that “We the Jewish people control America.” Indeed, the Israeli dominance of the “fools on the hill” in DC has been carefully contrived, cultivated and sustained. One prime example is the regular rush to the Israeli door whenever Congress is in recess. It is not widely reported how large gaggles of congressmen usually drawn in separate groups from each major party travel to Israel on all expenses paid trips where they are wined and dined and subjected to round after round of presentations that drill into their otherwise empty heads all the virtues of Israel and what it represents. This is propaganda combined with indoctrination at its finest with many “facts” presented by the speakers conveniently fabricated to support Israel’s perpetual victimhood and to hide the fact that Israel is a strategic liability for the US rather than an actual ally or asset. Nor is it a democracy. It is a formula for dissimulation and lying that worked with the Jewish officials in the Pentagon under George W. Bush to provoke a war against Saddam Hussein that killed one million Iraqis and cost the US taxpayer nearly $2 trillion.

One particularly tone-deaf recent trip to Israel occurred in 2019. In the wake of two heavily reported mass killings in Dayton and El Paso that were attributed both by the media and the Democrats to “racism” a senior US Congressman led a delegation of 41 of his Democratic Party colleagues plus spouses on a week-long luxury all-expenses-paid trip to Israel, which is one of the few countries in the world that defines its full citizenship as a matter of race and religion and which was at that time as now widely criticized for its human rights record. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland led the annual excursion, having made the pilgrimage to Israel more than fifteen times. “I am pleased to join so many House Democrats in traveling to Israel to reaffirm our support for a critical US ally and to continue learning about the opportunities and the challenges facing Israel and the Middle East,” he said shortly before departing for Tel Aviv.

Other politicians at state levels have followed the federal government lead by making their way to Israel to kiss Benjamin Netanyahu’s ring. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who is a presidential aspirant, has gone way overboard in expressing his love for the Jewish state. He transported his whole cabinet to Jerusalem to publicize his legislation to combat what he views as antisemitism and has followed through on that by banning Palestinian student groups at the state universities. He also opposes allowing Palestinian immigrants into the US because they are “antisemites.”

More recently, California governor Gavin Newsom has made the pilgrimage trip and his office has released his comments on just how wonderful Israel is. He wrote his heart out, meaning that the memo is totally phony and contrived bullshit which demonstrates no sympathy at all for the tens of thousands of Palestinian victims: “As I reflect back on the extraordinary people I just met today in Israel, I am reminded of the deep connections between my home state and this country. A country that has faced many dark times before, and certainly is in one now. But amid this present struggle against terrorists are stories of unimaginable heroism — and unspeakable tragedy. I grieved with families in mourning, I met with young soldiers fresh from bomb shelters and battlefields, and I sat with leaders who bear the responsibility of response to it all. Despite the horror, what I saw and heard from the people of Israel was a profound sense of resilience. A commitment to community and common purpose, especially in these most difficult of times. That’s the Israeli spirit. And it’s also the California spirit…”

Republican presidential wannabe Chris Christie has also recently shown up in the Jewish state to kiss the ring and we expect that Nikki Haley will soon arrive bowing and scraping, particularly as it is Jewish money honoring her passion for Israel that is floating her campaign. And there is lots of love even at the bureaucratic level in a number of states to make sure Israel is getting enough American money. In some states including Virginia Israel trade commissions have been funded which have benefited Israeli businesses and investors much more than local workers or companies. In Virginia the commission is staffed by American Jews and Israelis even though it is funded by the state.

The Israeli power over Congress is also reflected in billions of tax dollars that flow from the US Treasury to the Jewish state each year in spite of the fact that Israel is a wealthy country. Also one might consider the White House’s supine behavior vis-a-vis Netanyahu and its large percentage of senior level staff appointments that are given to Jews. Donald Trump gave away the house to Netanyahu by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, approving the annexation of the Golan Heights, and giving the Israeli government a free hand to “deal with” the illegally occupied Palestinian areas on the West Bank and Gaza, which has produced thousands of Arab arrests without trial. Trump’s Ambassador to Israel was his lawyer David Friedman, who spent four years covering for Israel and represented its interests rather than those of the United States. Biden arguably has done even worse by becoming complicit in war crimes by enabling Netanyahu and his band of criminals to perform a developing genocide in Gaza.

One must look at how the power of the Lobby has influenced senior staffing decisions coming from the White House in Israel’s favor because that is where foreign policy is made. President Joe Biden personally considers himself to be a “Zionist.” The president’s Chief of Staff and the State Department’s top three officials have been Zionist Jews. Jews also head Treasury, Homeland Security, the Office of National Intelligence, the Justice Department, the National Security Council and the deputy director slot at CIA.

Higher Education 

Three university presidents from some of America’s most prestigious universities are being pressured to resign. One has already stepped down.

University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill, who came under fire for her stance on antisemitism on campus, has resigned, the Ivy League school said on Saturday.

Magill was one of three top university presidents who were criticized after they testified at a congressional hearing on Tuesday about a rise in antisemitism on college campuses following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war in October.


The other two university presidents under fire for “antisemitism” are Harvard University President Claudine Gay and Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth.

Notice that all three university presidents are women. This should make it very obvious to everyone that feminism is DEAD. We haven’t heard a peep of protest from any of the major feminist organizations around the country protesting the “persecution” of these three very powerful and influential women.

Gee! I wonder why not?

It’s because Zionism trumps every other ism: feminism, wokeism, militarism, liberalism, conservatism, evangelicalism, ad infinitum. Zionism/Israel is the eight-hundred-pound gorilla in EVERY room in America.

I hear a lot of conservatives praising the resignation of Liz Magill because of the domination of liberalism in virtually all of America’s schools of higher education—including the University of Pennsylvania. We all know about that. But what is happening to the three university presidents has absolutely nothing to do with liberalism vs. conservatism, because Zionism is NOT a liberal or conservative issue.

Orthodox Jewish rabbis are among the most ardent adversaries of Zionism in the world. They publicly burn the Israeli flag; they march alongside Palestinians in protest of the Israeli state. They denounce the State of Israel more vociferously than just about anybody. Are they “antisemitic”?

The truth is, the Israeli lobby controls most Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, Christians and non-Christians.

Just recently, the Zionist bought-and-paid-for U.S. House of Representatives voted 311 – 14 (led by “conservative” Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson) in favor of a nonbinding resolution that said in short “Anti-Zionism is antisemitism.” Of course, this was just another embarrassing attempt by our gutless Congress critters to publicly appease the Israeli lobby. After all, 2024 is another election year, and these paid-off congressmen need that Israeli bribe money for their re-election campaigns.

Only 13 Democrats voted against the despicable resolution; and only 1 Republican voted against it: Thomas Massie of Kentucky. I’ve asked the question before, but with this report I must ask it again: “Is Thomas Massie the only member of the U.S. House of Representatives that is not bought off by the Israeli lobby?” The evidence is starting to mount that he just might be.

The point is, criticism of Israel on college and university campuses just cannot be tolerated. Why? The eight-hundred-pound gorilla sits in the boardrooms of the major donor bases of these universities, and (Zionist) money talks louder than any First Amendment freedom of speech.

As Giraldi noted, “conservative” Ron DeSantis is forcing Florida’s colleges and universities to tell only one side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: Israel’s side, of course.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has banned a pro-Palestine student group from university campuses in the state as tensions rise in the United States over the Israel-Gaza war.

The State University System of Florida said on Tuesday that it would dismantle chapters of the group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) due to the group’s “support for terrorist groups”.

DeSantis, a candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination who currently trails former President Donald Trump by a wide margin in polls, has previously stated that all Palestinians are anti-Semitic and Palestinian refugees should not be allowed into the United States. [Emphasis added]

He has also expressed support for Israel’s decision to cut off food, water, electricity and fuel supplies for the more than 2.3 million residents of the besieged Gaza Strip, which Israel has continuously pounded with air strikes since the attacks by Hamas.


Excuse me, Governor, but what you said is a big, fat LIE! I’ve been to Israel and Palestine. I’ve met hundreds of Palestinian Christians who do NOT hate Israelis or Jews or Americans or Muslims or anybody else. In fact, I found them to be among the most compassionate, loving, kind and Christ-like people that I have ever met—ANYWHERE.

DeSantis is simply another bought-off U.S. politician sheepishly surrendering to the eight-hundred-pound gorilla.


Hollywood is another place where the eight-hundred-pound gorilla lives and works.

It’s that time of year again: when Hollywood’s thought police undertake to ensure that American celebrity culture remains firmly in the service of the Zionist narrative.

In one prominent case, actress Melissa Barrera – a star of the horror film franchise Scream – was recently fired from her role in the next instalment of the series for posting on social media about Israel’s latest real-life horror show in the Gaza Strip.

Barrera is not the only Hollywood star to come under fire for defying the Zionist script. In November, actress Susan Sarandon was dropped as a client by United Talent Agency (UTA) after speaking at a pro-Palestinian rally. And actor Mark Ruffalo, who during Israel’s May 2021 bout of slaughter in Gaza was forced to apologise for invoking the term “genocide”, has once again come to occupy Zionist social media crosshairs for opining that neither Palestinian nor Israeli children should suffer.

Now, as Palestinian babies and larger humans continue to be butchered at a terrifying rate and the Israeli army conducts a most cinematic apocalypse in the Gaza Strip, one wishes that Hollywood stars and other famous folks weren’t so deeply embedded in the Zionist trenches. But for the time being, at least, the truth is definitely not coming to a theatre near you.


Don’t get me wrong. I am not painting any of the actors or actresses mentioned above as saints. Like most people in Hollywood, they are willing to be part of an industry that is making it a high priority to trash America’s moral values and principles. But what I am showing you is, it doesn’t matter at all how much dirt and rot they help disseminate via these raunchy movies inundating our theaters, if the actor or actress does not toe the Zionist line to the L-E-T-T-E-R, even they will pay the price.

Evangelical Churches 

Yes, the eight-hundred-pound gorilla is in EVERY room in America, and that includes the communion room, choir room and “worship” center of most of our evangelical churches.

Bethlehem, occupied West Bank – The churches of Palestine have announced the cancellation of all festive Christmas celebrations in an expression of unity with Gaza and rejection of the ongoing aggression against Palestinians, limiting them to masses and prayers.

In Bethlehem, the Lutheran Church decided that its Christmas nativity scene would reflect the reality of children living and being born in Palestine today, placing the symbolic Baby Jesus in a manger of rubble and destruction.

It is a poignant representation of the suffering of Gaza’s children who find themselves buried under what is left of their own homes, victims of relentless Israeli bombardment.

“If Christ were to be born today,” Reverend Munther Isaac said, “he would be born under the rubble and Israeli shelling.”

I urge readers to watch my message from last Sunday on this subject.

“This is a powerful message we send to the world celebrating the holidays.”

Two weeks ago, Isaac delivered a letter from the churches of Bethlehem, a city of significant religious importance, to the US administration in Washington, DC.

The letter urged US President Biden, the US Congress and heads of US churches to apply Christ’s message rejecting injustice and called for an end to the genocidal war in Gaza.

“Some people in the West forget the existence of Palestinian Christians. This war affects everything Palestinian, whether Muslim or Christian. It is our responsibility now to raise our voices as a nation to stop this war,” Isaac said.

Continuing, he explained how saddened he was by several conversations he had in the US where he was told that Israel’s assault on Gaza was justified as self-defence. However, he added, the thousands of children and innocents killed daily, and the churches and hospitals being bombed do not figure in their calculus.


Hollywood, Washington, D.C., New York City, Wall Street, the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve, most public colleges and universities and 80% of America’s evangelical churches all have one thing in common. All of them are dominated and intimidated by the eight-hundred-pound gorilla.

© Chuck Baldwin


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