The Hate Hoax Heard Around the World

March 22, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Sidney Secular

March 23, 2023

The Loopy Story About Kamloops

We’re all used to the endless recitation of phony hate crimes by now. They pop up all over the place when some virtue-signaler in need of special attention and the support of fellow phonies creates and calls attention to graffiti purporting to be the graphics of notoriously nasty neo-nazis, white supremacists, antisemites and/or those fighting the present crusade of gender-bending. These events tend to occur at so-called “educational institutions” where our snowflake sensitive young draw attention to themselves with their “discovery” of crude drawings and symbols they themselves have “drawn” in order to “draw” that attention. The obsessive demand and need for such cringeworthy and contrived “white hate crimes” so exceeds the meager supply of such crimes that hate hoaxes have to be “ginned up” regularly to provide “meat” to feed faux feelings of guilt and remorse while providing the opportunity to demonstrate gushing – and false! – sentimentality.

In 2021, the entire nation of Canada fell for perhaps the most ginned-up and exaggerated hoax ever perpetuated against the terminally naïve and, frankly, stupid. The constant drumbeat of the “need” for “diversity” being beaten into people’s heads by the establishment, set the stage for a massively staged event. One Sarah Beaulieu, an anthropology professor at the University of Fraser Valley, professes to feel that her major task in life is to bring to light stories of – and thus to give voice to – any “disenfranchised” groups that have been overlooked and/or demeaned in the historical record. As a result of Ms. Beaulieu’s vocation, on May 27, 2021, she hit the jackpot in her quest as a crackpot claiming that through the use of ground-penetrating radar she found a mass gravesite that she claimed contained the remains of Indian (“Native Peoples”) students who had died and been buried at a former boarding school run by the Catholic Church. Parenthetically, the good professor must have been unusually obsessed with this project given the advanced instruments she was able to use in what should have been a fairly “routine” archeological dig.

Of course, the worldwide mass media were thrilled! The New York Times ran a front page story the very next day that proclaimed: “Horrible History: Mass Grave of Indigenous Children Reported In Canada.”  The Times declared that the remains of 215 children had been found on the grounds of Kamloops Residential Indian School, run by The Order of Mary Immaculate from 1893 to 1969, and by the Canadian Government for a few years after that time. The whole world assumed that the nuns had eithr killed the children or otherwise let them die and literally covered the whole thing up by “covering up” the children! To believe nuns of charity would do something so counter to their vows and the teaching of their own Church beggars belief, but today our society is so deranged and gullible as well as being dominated by atheists and other haters of Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular that yes, a great many people would believe just such a claim.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, always looking to grovel, grieved over the “dark and shameful chapter” in Canadian history and ordered national flags flown at half-mast for the innocent dead. The official flag over Parliament in Ottawa stayed lowered for 5 months so Canadians could get used to the idea that they were collectively morally lower than a snake’s belly. Trudeau demanded that Pope Francis come to Canada, and he naturally did. This Pope never rejects any far leftist demand! The number “215” captured the imagination of many Canadians as a kind of a “mark of the beast.” The Vancouver Art Gallery laid out 215 pairs of children’s shoes as a memorial. Similar displays appeared on the steps of churches and government buildings. Canada Day was celebrated on July 1st, just one month after the “discovery” and as the country was still in convulsions, there was a movement to cancel that event, while demanding that everyone wear orange symbols “for the children” on that day. Fashion magazines took a break from illustrating the fashion world to go with the new fashion of expressing ululations of guilt.  All manner of manifestations of manifest madness and guilt broke out across the Great White North, especially among those who thought that whiteness itself was a symbol of guilt. Candlelight vigils, little orange loops pinned on police uniforms, and “No pride in genocide!” stickers appeared in order to stick it to the Historic Canadian Nation and their white citizens.

But even this mass self-condemnation was not enough and matters started getting out of hand as all things motivated by emotion rather than rationality always do. Statues of Queen Victoria, the late Queen Elizabeth and John MacDonald, Canada’s first prime minister were defaced and torn down. As was reported elsewhere in this newsletter, Canada’s head librarian removed works about MacDonald from Canadian libraries as if in doing so, some great humanitarian point was made! In keeping with the new trend of damaging churches all across North America, dozens of churches were burned and many more vandalized. Trudeau said burning churches was (sort of) wrong, but also “understandable,” so he and his government took no stand against it nor any actions to prevent. Then some Indians taking their cue from other professional victims, started asking for “restitution” for attempted “genocide”.

Then suddenly, decency, rationality and truth intruded into this liberal hate fest. Canadian Indians who had rewarding experiences at the residential schools and had been well treated started speaking up, contradicting the overbearing narrative that the children were  beaten, buggered, and raped. The facts about Kamloops school itself was revealed in that Chief Louis, the leader of the local Indians for 75 years, had requested the school and supported it until his death. It was also revealed that the Indian children enjoyed performing European folk dances and engaged in popular exhibitions of their own native dancing across the nation. Furthermore, in 1964, the Catholic men’s group, The Knights of Columbus raised money so that the folk dancers could perform at festivals in Mexico! All of this was openly known and easily proven but the problem was that the truth openly contradicted a narrative that said these things took place at a time that these same children were supposedly being beaten, buggered, and raped.

Finally, what about the bodies? Yes, there were students who died from TB, influenza and other maladies, but none had died from either poor treatment or persecution. Many of those unfortunate dead were buried at the Kamloops cemetery as well as at their home reservations. But, most important, it now turns out that not one body was buried at the alleged mass gravesite! The radar findings were the result of roots and soil disturbances. No one cared to look at much less verify the allegations! Why? Because it was so very much what the present narrative wanted and, indeed, needed to continue to shore up their anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Western Civilization narrative. But, alas for these liars, the entire fraud has now been documented.

But we shouldn’t blame the Indians – or at least, not as much as we should blame others. They knew a good thing when they saw it and as there are no more public morals, what’s wrong with getting their piece of the tax-paid pie. Rather, it’s the whites from the Pope and the Prime Minister on down to the ordinary dim-witted sheeple with the rest of the go along to get along crowd who were truly contemptible. Will The New York Slimes run a retraction? Don’t bet on it! Indeed, the actual truth was treated as bad news, since the meme of the wicked white had been countered by the meme of truth. Will the wicked and the weirdos who destroyed the statues be punished or at least apologize? Not on your life! Whites are now the world’s wickedest people, so what kind of big deal is it to spread little (and big) white lies as long as it’s for a good cause? No other people in the history of the world ever gloried in hating themselves. If this keeps up, none of us will be left except for those whites – like Fidel Trudeau – who find themselves in the acceptable elite and therefore worthy of respect and obedience.