The ‘Kill Grid’ Has Been Established And ‘Medical Murder’ Is Taking Place Worldwide

December 9, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: All News Pipeline

By Stefan Stanford

As More Doctors Warn The Biden Admin Is Carrying Out Genocide, Alarming New Concrete Proof Comes Out Govt Colluded With ‘Big Tech’ To Censor Crucial Health Freedom Information


– The ‘Kill Grid’ Has Been Established And ‘Medical Murder’ Is Taking Place Worldwide


While we’d reported just days ago on December 4th in this story titled “Alarming Story Out Of Canada Shows Our World’s Dystopian ‘Logan’s Run’ Future Is Here – Govt Offered Disabled Army Vet Assisted Suicide When All She Wanted Was A Wheelchair Lift” that Canada had fallen, we didn’t expect to see this new story over at the Daily Mail just 2 days later which adds 10,000 exclamation points to that warning, titled: “America, be very afraid: astonishingly, Canada is now euthanizing 10,000 of its citizens a year – and some of the horrific stories of its ultra-permissive policy will horrify you.”

Bringing us absolute and stunning proof that the warning given by that disabled Canadian Army Veteran, Christine Gauthier, that the Canadian government would rather KILL HER than help her live, was right on the mark, in Canada, as this new DM story warns, OVER 3% of all Canadian deaths in 2021 were via euthanasia, a number expected to skyrocket in 2023 as Canada begins to allow people to be killed by the government simply for mental health reasons.

And as that story warns, the fact that Canada actually takes pride in itself for its ‘open-mindedness and tolerance’ in allowing so many government carried out killings is a dire warning for where we’re headed under Democrats in 2023, with the radical left insanely thinking they are ‘open minded‘ and ‘tolerant‘ at a time when more and more doctors are warning the Biden administration is actually carrying out genocide.

Yet most ANP readers will not be the least bit surprised about the direction we are being herded as a ‘human race’ with the globalists long-forecasting massive depopulation for the planet, actually believing they need to ‘cull’ 90% of the world’s population to stave off a future planetary catastrophe. Yet take note, it’s the ‘useless eaters’ they are ‘culling,’ instead of doing the entire world a favor and ‘culling’ themselves first.

With ANP warning in that December 4th story that what we’re now witnessing was something bizarrely like the Carousel proceedings in the 1976 movie “Logan’s Run,” where once people turn 30, they hold a ‘ceremony‘ which they are told will bring them ‘rebirth‘ but instead brings them ‘annihilation,‘ who reading this story now wouldn’t be happy to see the God-hating globalists volunteering to show the rest of the world how its done, ‘euthanizing themselves’ to ‘save the planet?’

And with Canada also offering to euthanize children WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS CONSENT, as the top-voted comment on that DM story warned, “An idea aimed to end suffering of patients misconstrued to helping the state and the bureaucracy. Bone chilling indeed. The future is not far off from using this method on those who have opposing opinions! Can you see why the 2nd Amendment and Americans having 475 million+ ways to defend themselves from such lunatics is absolutely crucial? Anyone trying to ‘euthanize‘ Americans simply for having opposing opinions should be dropped on the spot.

Back on July 6th of 2022, Susan Duclos published this story on ANP titled “Beware Of The ‘Trojan Warriors’: Infiltrators In Prepper Groups Are Targeting Patriots For The ‘Red List’ – How To Spot These Paid Trolls And Government Agents” within which she warned the very well funded deep state was already very well embedded within the patriot community, targeting patriots for ’round ups’.

Warning these predators would be infiltrating patriot groups and actually inciting violence rather than urging preparation for defending oneself against tyrannical governments, we’re not the least bit surprised to hear that such ‘government agents‘ would also be infiltrating ‘health freedom groups‘ such as ‘anti-vaxxers’ as such tactics are quite ‘par for the course‘ and in fact, we’ve seen such trolls here on ANP.

So just a week or so ago, as the documentary ‘Died Suddenly’ was going mega-viral with well over 10 million views at the time, I remember Susan Duclos telling me: “Just watch, there’s going to be a huge attack upon anyone associated with this movie sometime in the very near future” because this thing was going mega-viral, showing people just dropping dead and all these nasty old blood clots popping up in the dead bodies of the vaxxed, and as of this moment, the movie has been viewed well over 12 million times.

So while I myself will be the first to admit that I don’t agree with everything presented in the movie, because as Susan Duclos has often said, we should be investigating everything ourselves that we’re reading or seeing online, certainly not just taking the word of the MSM or the independent media, the fact that the movie is being heavily attacked, even by the MSM, means the mass murderers KNOW they are being watched and they’re no longer able to cover up all of their genocidal crimes. We certainly have no criticism of those who have found legitimate points of the movie to criticize.

But as one commenter had quite astutely pointed out on this Natural News story warning of the ‘health freedom movement’ being infiltrated by ‘deep state actors,’ Unless they can stop the exponential increase in jabbed deaths/injuries, the people behind this are doomed. And they cannot, because they made these things way too lethal. Only around 10% of US citizens have taken the bivalent, meaning 90% have suspicions. Every young death will add to those suspicions until a tipping point is reached. They have underestimated the power of the Masses, just like Marie Antoinette or Czar Nicolas. Let’s hope they come to a similar fate.”

And as another commenter warned on that same story of the ‘infiltration’ now ongoing, we’ve seen this before, time and time and time again.:

“Why should it be any different than what happened to Ron Paul’s Tea Party movement or any other freedom-oriented group. Unless government is taken 100% OUT of the medical system (no central banking, no regulations, no professional licensure, no FDA, no DEA, no war on drugs, no FTC, no local or state controls on hospitals, who can practice what, etc.) there can be NO FREEDOM in health care. Everything else is just pretend freedom.”

So if you, ANP readers, see such ‘obvious infiltrators‘ hitting ANP comment sections and loading them up with their pro-vax filth, we’d appreciate you ‘taking them on‘ if you’d like. We can actually learn a lot about the globalists agenda by the ‘science proves vaccines are healthy‘ garbage they are spewing. Certainly anyone NOT wanting you to know about all of these people ‘dying suddenly‘ has shown their cards.

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So just this morning, Susan Duclos sent over to me this story from American First Legal (AFL) titled AFL Lawsuit Uncovers More Damning CDC Documents Revealing Twitter’s “Partner Support Portal” for COVID-19 Related Censorship and the U.S. Government’s Advancement of “Social Inoculation” Against the “Infodemic”” within which we get even MORE CONCRETE PROOF of efforts made by the US govt to censor the free speech of Americans surrounding COVID.

With shocking documents obtained from litigation against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealing further concrete evidence of collusion between the CDC and social media companies to censor free speech and silence the public square under the government’s label of “misinformation,” in all of these well-documented vax-caused deaths and injuries, we’re seeing the results of that censorship.

Because with twitter and facebook and all of the rest of them colluding to push the ‘vax‘ as the ‘answer‘ to COVID, and censoring opposing opinions, often completely banning the people presenting the stories/evidence showing the dangers of the mRNA bioweapons, and now more and more people being injured and dropping dead from the vax, ‘big tech‘ is as guilty as the globalists who created this entire ‘depopulation event.

And just look. As Breitbart reports in this new story, none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci’s own daughter worked at twitter during the ‘military operation called COVID,’ just the latest evidence of ‘collusion‘ between ‘big tech‘ and the US government, with all of them pushing the vax bioweapon that keeps injuring and killing people as Dr. Masanori Fukushima, Prof. Emeritus at Kyoto University with 25 years experience as an infectious diseases expertwarns in this Infowars story while taking Japan’s Ministry of Health to the woodshed. We hear from Fukushima in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story.:

Japan’s Ministry of Health was taken to the woodshed for refusing to halt the COVID vaccine rollout, and was called upon to further investigate the many documented adverse reactions and deaths stemming from the jab. 

Dr. Masanori Fukushima, Prof. Emeritus at Kyoto University with 25 years experience as an infectious diseases expert, warned the Ministry that the government must conduct a “proper investigation” into the COVID vaccine’s damaging side effects. 

There has been thought to be widespread harm that has transpired, which surmounts to billions of lives that may be in danger,” Fukushima told the Health Ministry leadership during a conference last week.

Also accusing Japan’s Ministry of Health of destroying evidence surrounding these ‘death shots,’ Fukushima went on to point out the various adverse reactions to the COVID shot documented across the world, including cardiovascular and neurological side effects.

Another thing, after receiving the vaccine, half of deaths were from effects on their nerves and heart, among the causes of death. You understand, right? Alpha, gamma, beta, and doing all that dumb stuff by gathering incompetent scholars, completely ignoring science and medicine. 

Fukushima also warned the Health Ministry about the presence of nanoparticles in the COVID jabs that are causing severe health issues. Thousands and tens of thousands of lives are at stake. 

We don’t have any idea about the long-term side effects of this vaccine. The nanoparticles, taken into the body large quantity unceasingly produce spike proteins. People are still sick, still in bad physical condition. For some reason, people suddenly get sick. For some reason, suddenly people’s blood pressure rises. For some reason, people suddenly get eczema. When we diagnose, we find spike protein. 

He explained how the vaccine has “suppressed” people’s natural immune functions, which is why vaccinated people are still getting sick. 

Cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, susceptibility to infections, it will all go to the brain. Nanoparticles will be absorbed by the brain. The scientists that are dumb will say, ‘They can’t cross the blood barrier, so it’s okay.’ I want to say, ‘You must be stupid.’ Natural immunity is being suppressed. 

The reason why it didn’t spread in Japan at first was because they have IgA in their saliva, and they have this resistance to Corona. However, due to the vaccine, natural immunity has been shut down. Natural immunity was suppressed; that’s why this happened. It won’t subside at all. It will spread more and more.

So with all of these things happening now more signs that we’re currently in the globalists ‘end game‘ for America and the world, nothing less than genocide being carried out before our eyes by globalists pushing for ‘depopulation,’ as Steve Quayle and Mike Adams warn us in the 1st video below titled “Kill Grid Countdown – A special interview with Steve Quayle and Mike Adams,” humanity is now undergoing every form of ‘medical murder‘ imaginable, with the globalists fast-tracking depopulation, hoping they’re able to get away with this mass culling before enough people catch on and they end up like Marie Antoinette or Czar Nicolas, with all of them certainly deserving similar fates.

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