The Left’s Inauguration Day Nightmare

January 18, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN
What if they gave a riot and nobody came?
The Marxists in the Democrat Party know that Trump supporters aren’t the violent sort.  They know this.
But, if the Marxists can successfully push the idea that Trump supporters are violent and are a threat to government, then government can justify the usurpation of the people’s rights:  the left can cancel facebook and twit accounts of those who advocate anything the left doesn’t like while calling it whatever they want, including rightwing extremist rhetoric, white nationalist threats, etc.
But, we know that Trump supporters will allow themselves to be pushed and pushed and pushed.  We know that they are not going to descend en masse on Washington DC on inauguration day and that poses are problem for the Marxist/left.
If, on China Joe’s big day, when he and “Head-bobbin’ Harris” are inaugurated, there aren’t a bunch of unruly Trump supporters in D.C. disrupting things, how do the Marxists justify the cancel culture and rights usurpation they have planned for the people?
The fence.
You see, the Trump supporters aren’t going to show, because that’s not what they do.  When this happens, the no-show, the Marxists will just claim the fence deterred the Trump supporters and the physical fence which saved government from Trump mayhem must now be followed-up with the non-physical fence of de-platforming anybody who disagrees with Marxism.*
That’s a big part of the Marxist plan for our future.  There’s another part called, “There will never be another free, fair election.”
How did we come to this?
We didn’t believe the Marxists, the Leninsts, the Maoists, the Democrats who told us what they were planning for us and then kept chipping away at America and the notion that ours was to be a nation under God, established to protect the rights of individuals.  We let the leftists divide us by every measure possible: gender; age; skin tone; education level; family status; net worth.
The truth is, though, that most Americans don’t really see people like that, we truly tend to see each other as individuals and treat each other as individuals.  But we let the Marxist media convince us that, “those other guys” are haters and government needs to make sure those haters are restrained so we let government impose more restrictions upon us in the hope that the bad news would eventually turn good.
The haters, though, truth be known, are the Marxists in government and the Media.  I believe the truth can still set us free, so I would urge you to know the truth.
Thank you for reading this,
Je suis Spike
*Of course, the Marxists are also ready with their false flag of dressing people as Trump supporters and having NEWS CREWS embedded and alongside them to document whatever line of leftist lie they want to tell.