The National Republican Party Is Pathetic!

November 17, 2017 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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After Judge Roy Moore won the Alabama Republican senatorial primary election a few weeks ago, I wrote this:

You can bet that the establishment is not finished trying to destroy Roy Moore—not by any stretch of the imagination. When Trump stumped for Luther Strange last week, he said that Judge Moore would have a hard time winning the general election. He said that because he knows that not only will Roy Moore have to defeat the Democrat establishment, he will have to again defeat the Republican establishment. So, Roy’s fight is far from over.

Boy, were those words an understatement! After forty years in public office; after being investigated more times than probably any man in America; after being removed from office twice for not caving in to unconstitutional judicial rulings; after taking on the President of the United States Donald Trump, the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence, the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the entire media and political establishments in New York and Washington, D.C.; and after having over $30 million spent against him by the Republican establishment AND WINNING—and just four weeks away from the most important senatorial election in modern American history—suddenly several women come out of nowhere to accuse Roy Moore of sexual improprieties from some forty years ago.

Writing for, Tim Brown writes, “It seems that Bezos’ CIA-ties Washington Post has decided to run a hit piece on Moore in which allegations by a woman who was then 14-years-old claims that Moore touched her sexually, and that three other teen girls at the time he was in his early thirties dated him and they hugged and kissed.

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“The first thing that makes these accusations almost unbelievable is that Moore has been in Alabama politics as a judge for years.  He’s not been in some closet somewhere.

“Why are these allegations of things that allegedly took place four decades ago just now coming out?  My guess is it’s because the establishment knows Roy Moore is the real deal.”

Brown also notes that the so-called Washington Post reporter who broke this hit piece against Judge Moore has a rap sheet of her own. She was charged with four infractions of writing bad checks in at least three states. In North Carolina, the “reporter” was convicted of a crime punishable by up to six months in prison. It seems that this woman went from writing fake checks to writing fake news.

It seems, too, that the star accuser against Roy Moore, who says he improperly touched her and tried to get her to touch him improperly, has a history of falsely accusing Christian men of sexual improprieties. Some of her neighbors said that making false sexual accusations is the “pattern” for this woman. Apparently, the woman accused at least four Alabama pastors of sexual wrongdoing. Each time an investigation found the woman to be lacking credibility, and the accusations were dismissed. On one occasion an Alabama circuit judge refused to even hear the case, because the woman was determined to be a chronic liar and false accuser.

In spite of intense media pressure giving the accusations against Judge Moore almost non-stop coverage, polls indicated that the people of Alabama didn’t believe the woman and continued to support Roy’s senatorial campaign. He was several points ahead in most polls even AFTER the accusations.

Now in the last few days, another woman has come forward saying Judge Moore tried to rape her when she was 16. And, of course, the media is accepting the accusation as gospel truth and is unrelenting in regurgitating the woman’s accusation.

But it is Republicans—more than the media—whose behavior is the most disgusting. From Mitch McConnell to John McCain to Lindsey Graham to Mitt Romney to Steve Daines to Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, Republican leaders have either withdrawn their endorsements of Judge Moore or called on him to step down. Even the darling “conservative” of FOX News, Sean Hannity, has proven he is nothing but a waterboy for the establishment by telling Roy Moore he has 24 hours to PROVE HIS INNOCENCE or get out of the race.

Plus, after promising that he would “campaign like heck for him” if Roy won the primary election, President Trump has done absolutely nothing to support him. In fact, his public statements have provided no support for Judge Moore whatsoever—only saying that Moore would “do the right thing” and step down IF the accusations are true.

What about rebuking the swamp creatures President Trump said he wants to get rid of—and that Roy Moore would help him fight (if Trump was serious about it, of course)—and telling these critters inside the Beltway that a man is innocent until proven guilty and that Republican senators and congressmen are acting shamefully for jumping to a guilty verdict against Roy Moore on simple hearsay? If anyone should understand what it feels like to be accused of sexual improprieties, it is Donald Trump.

Trump was accused of sexual assault by 16 different women during the 2016 elections. There was even a video of Trump bragging about lewd sexual encounters with celebrities. Trump denied the accusations of sexual assault and dismissed the video as “locker room talk.” Even so, Trump is throwing Judge Moore under the bus.

Of course, the National Republican Party had left Roy high and dry financially even before the accusations materialized. And since the accusations came to light, the Party has officially severed all ties with Moore’s campaign. McConnell has even gone so far as to call on the Republican-controlled Senate to immediately expel Judge Moore should he win the Senate race next month.

The National Republican Party is pathetic!

To their credit, it seems that, so far, most Republicans in the State of Alabama are sticking by their embattled nominee. God bless them.

Does anyone remember when 2008 Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain was accused of sexual impropriety? I don’t remember any Republicans calling on McCain to drop out of the race. Of course, McCain is one of the loudest voices calling for Roy Moore to step aside.

Speaking of John McCain, his sexcapades as a young naval officer at Trader Jon’s bar in Pensacola, Florida (and countless other places) are well known. Yet, not a single senator or congressman has ever called for McCain’s resignation or expulsion.

How about former President G.H.W. Bush? He has been accused by several women of improper sexual advances. But I don’t hear a peep of protest from Republicans. Someone could have at least called for Bush to be removed from his wheelchair.

Then there is Republican Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold who was sued for sexual harassment, which he settled out of court. In defending presidential candidate Donald Trump’s lewd behavior during an MSNBC interview, the good congressman even said he might support a candidate who “likes raping women.” And, of course, most readers are probably hearing about the Farenthold story for the very first time. No national media coverage. And have you heard the first Republican congressman or senator calling on Farenthold to resign or suggesting that Congress should expel the man? Nope! Nary a word. Oh! Farenthold is still in Congress, by the way.

How long did GOP leaders know about former Republican Congressman Dennis Hastert’s habitual sexual assaults against minor boys? This went on for decades, and Republicans simply looked the other way. After he was finally caught, Hastert admitted that he had been molesting boys since he was a high school wrestling coach. Not only was Hastert not expelled from Congress over his life-long pedophilia, Republicans in Congress promoted him to the number three position in government (behind only the President and Vice President): U.S. House Speaker.

Republicans stood behind Senator Bob Packwood as he was being accused by 29 different women of sexual harassment, abuse, and assaults. There were no calls for his resignation, and neither John McCain nor Mitch McConnell suggested that Packwood should be expelled from the Senate over the accusations. Packwood finally resigned amid political pressure after his own diaries were discovered in which he boasted of his sexual conquests. But the accusations themselves were insufficient to bring out calls for his resignation or expulsion from fellow senators.

As we speak, a jury is deliberating the fate of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez (D) for bribery and corruption charges. To date, I haven’t heard the first senator, Republican or Democrat, call for the resignation or expulsion of Senator Menendez. Some say Menendez should resign if he is found guilty, but no one is suggesting he should resign because he was arrested and charged with bribery and corruption. McConnell and Company obviously believe Menendez is innocent until proven guilty, but Roy Moore is guilty until proven innocent.

No one called for Republican Senator Larry Craig’s resignation or expulsion over his career-long homosexuality. Not McConnell. Not McCain. No one. Not until an undercover police officer arrested him in a Minneapolis airport restroom for soliciting male sex did Craig resign.

I don’t recall a single congressman or senator—Republican or Democrat—calling for the resignation or expulsion of Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank (D) even after it became public knowledge that Frank was housing a homosexual prostitute and that a homosexual escort service was being run out of his house. Where were McConnell and McCain when all of that was going on?

I never even heard a Democrat or Republican call for the resignation or expulsion of the sicko former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner until AFTER he admitted to multiple illicit relationships.

Then there is the blue ribbon of government corruption: Senator Ted Kennedy’s (D-Mass) killing of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick Island near Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. While the senator was drunk, he took the young Mary Jo in his car for a drive, lost control of the car, and ran it into a lake, whereby the senator saved himself and left the young lady to drown. He even refused to report the “accident” until AFTER the vehicle and body were discovered the next morning. A week later, Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and received a two-month suspended sentence. The facts of the case and Kennedy’s stated timeline testimony have never been reconciled. Any other American citizen would have faced serious prison time for such a death, but Ted Kennedy walked away scott free—and NEVER did a Republican or Democrat senator or congressman EVER call for Kennedy’s resignation or expulsion from office.

What was it that the Senate Leadership Fund said about Roy Moore? “There is no place in our party for sexual predators.” But it would seem that the Republican Party is FILLED with sexual predators, pedophiles, homosexuals, homosexual prostitutes, bribery, corruption, and even manslaughter. Seems to me, if Roy Moore is guilty of these accusations, McConnell and McCain should welcome him to the club with open arms. After all, the rest of the perverse, predatory, pilfering polecats are already present, and there is always room for one more.

Read this report for more:

Has Congress Tolerated Sexual Predators In Their Membership?

Oh, yes, you should know that Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd this past Tuesday that the U.S. House of Representatives has paid $15 million to alleged victims of sexual harassment by various congressmen in the last few years. But we haven’t heard McConnell and McCain call for the resignation or expulsion of any of these legislators, have we? Heck! We haven’t even been told (and never will be) who the guilty congressmen are.

But here is a man, Judge Roy Moore, who has served in public office for 40 years without a single scandal; who was well ahead of his Democrat rival in the Alabama senate race; who happens to be an outspoken critic of the corruption in Washington, D.C.; who is known far and wide as a staunch Christian constitutionalist; who has proven that he is as courageous as a lion and cannot be bullied or bribed; who is suddenly being accused of things that supposedly happened some 40 years ago; and, who on mere accusation, is being hounded by his own Party (the Republican Party) to step down—and if he doesn’t step down and wins the senate seat, Republicans in the Senate are threatening to immediately expel him.

Republicans are also talking about running defeated establishment toady Luther Strange as a write-in candidate against Roy Moore or, if Strange decides against it, convincing U.S. Attorney

General Jeff Sessions (who held the Senate seat Judge Moore is now seeking) or some other Republican to run as a write-in candidate against Roy Moore. Of course, by doing this, Republicans are overtly demonstrating that they would rather have the ultra-liberal Democrat Doug Jones in office than the committed conservative constitutionalist Judge Roy Moore, because running a Republican write-in candidate would almost certainly split the vote and give the election to Jones.

By the way, here is the skinny on Doug Jones:

*He is pro-abortion and pro-prenatal infanticide.
*He supports de facto amnesty.
*He is a global warming, climate change fanatic.
*He is a stanch supporter of the transgender movement, including allowing transgenders to serve in the U.S. armed forces.
*He supports boys using girl’s bathrooms in school.
*He strongly supports Obamacare.

See this report:

Roy Moore Vs. Doug Jones: Real Scandal In Alabama Senate Race

But, again, national Republicans would rather this ultra-liberal Democrat win the senate seat in Alabama than the principled conservative constitutionalist Judge Roy Moore.

This unprecedented attack against Judge Roy Moore is proof positive that both parties in Washington, D.C., are putrid to the core!

Judge Moore is fighting the national news media. He is fighting the Democrat machine. He is fighting the Republican machine. He is fighting the most horrific accusations that any man could ever face. Guilty or not, many people will be tempted to believe the accusations simply because, well, he is being accused.

But Roy has many things going FOR him: 1) the people of Alabama have watched, known, and trusted this man for 40 years. They should be thoroughly incensed at the way the Washington establishment is attacking this fellow Alabamian—and MANY of them are incensed. In fact, even after the latest accusations against Judge Moore, a recent scientific poll by the FOX television affiliate in Mobile, Alabama, shows Moore is UP SIX POINTS over Jones. Alabamians are saying the more accusations that are made against Roy Moore, the MORE inclined they are to vote for him. 2) Roy Moore is as courageous as a lion; he is absolutely fearless; and he does not know how to surrender or capitulate. Plus, it is impossible to intimidate him. 3) Moore has the prayers of millions of people all over America who understand what is happening. They know this is an unprecedented, vile and vicious attack against a good and honorable man—a man who has proven himself over and over again for 40 years. 4) He has God. Whatever evil men (and women) do to Roy Moore, God will NOT forsake him.

As I have said many times: Roy Moore is the most hated and feared man by the Washington establishment in America. And the attacks against him prove it. And what that means is that America needs Judge Roy Moore in the U.S. Senate desperately.

Think of this too: if the establishment gets away with destroying Roy Moore, no anti-establishment candidate (regardless of political party) will be exempt from a repeat of these heinous attacks. Judge Roy Moore might be America’s last chance at political redemption.

Reprinted with permission from Chuck Baldwin.