The Next Phase of Communist Revolution

May 24, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews


By Cliff Kincaid

May 24, 2023

We are reading constantly that it was the “system” that “failed” Jordan Neely, the career criminal and drug abuser who died after being restrained by a former Marine on the New York subway. This communist propaganda portends more violence and mayhem as the professional Marxists scheme to protest on the streets whatever verdict comes out of the case. This could be another version of the George Floyd riots that devastated our cities in 2020.

The “system” cannot be blamed for Neely’s own fateful decisions and those responsible for his upbringing. Yet, some of his relatives quickly hired a lawyer. “We want to thank AOC,” one of the lawyers said, referring to the socialist Democrat accusing the former Marine of a “public execution” and being a murderer.

“He had demons,” said the attorney, referring to “a tragedy at a very young age” that he went through.

They showed a photo of a clean-cut Jordan Neely when he was in high school, wearing a graduation cap, identified as a basketball player.

But Americans see through this public relations stunt.

“If they cared about him, they would’ve put him up in their house,” said one critic. “If they knew he needed help they would’ve gotten him help.” Another commented, ironically, “Jordan was on the street because he was such a treasured family member.” Still another said, “Neely’s family left him on the street. Now they want to profit off his death.”

This is a local example of what the national push for “reparations” for black people is looking like. It is undoubtedly going to trigger the next phase of violence as the president himself riles black people up by convincing them that “white supremacy” is the real threat when black families and black leadership pass the buck.

In the Neely case, where was the “village”’ that Hillary preached about? The village should be his family and relatives, not the government. The lawyers say family members were trying to keep him in a mental institution. But how did he end up there in the first place? And with 40 arrests, why wasn’t he in jail?

Hillary’s “It takes a village” mantra meant that the government should take responsibility and control over how people are raised and how they raise their own children. But Marxist politicians have no desire to control this kind of criminal behavior because it serves their interests.

Until the communist utopia arrives, this means, in effect, that anybody (of color) who does anything wrong is a victim, not a perpetrator.

Communists in the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) quickly printed up “Justice for Jordan Neely” signs for protests. Analyze the photos in the Jordan Neely case and you will see in small print on the bottom of the yellow signs “Party for Socialism and Liberation.”

Our media never mention that.

This happens repeatedly. The communists are either behind or exploiting the street protests. Their rent-a-mobs appear instantly.

Referring to the Neely case, the PSL says that “Jordan Neely was murdered by white vigilante violence who was enabled by our racist, capitalist system that failed to provide him stable housing, mental health support, and employment.”

Perhaps, to avert more cases like Jordan Neely, the government should even guarantee free dope, the smoking of which is rampant in New York City. Or perhaps that is part of the problem.

How is it that a man like Tim Scott, the black Republican Senator from South Carolina, can escape disadvantages in society and succeed? He was raised in a poor, single-parent household by his mother, Frances Scott, who emphasized work and faith in God.

We don’t know everything about Jordan Neely, whose death was a tragedy. But we do know that he was threatening people on that subway car. A former marine, acting on behalf of his fellow passengers, was handcuffed like the criminal Neely was.

Blaming the system is a variation of blaming the gun. Consider mass shootings. Why aren’t the people who knew about the “mental illness” or the buying of guns by a family member brought up on charges? Instead, the law-abiding get blamed for the violence and chaos.

“Jordan Neely was a human being,” we are told. Yes, and he had free will and could make his own decisions. That’s what it means to be a human being. As the Tim Scott example shows, family problems do not stop people from working hard and succeeding in life.

We are told that “mental illness and homelessness are not criminal.” But these conditions result from individual decisions made by people exercising free will that often result in criminal activity, without adequate oversight from family and friends.

Consider what’s happening in New York City, where mind-altering drugs like marijuana which produce mental health problems have been legalized. Anyone who visits New York City can smell the dope all over the city.

The “system” today is run by money-hungry politicians willing to exploit people for their own financial benefit. Then, when their social experiments go awry, they demand more money to monitor the mental health problems they help create.

Self-defense, even vigilante justice, is a natural consequence of releasing criminals and terrorists on the streets of the major cities. Americans have no alternative but to defend their families and loved ones. But a long hot summer is being planned.