The People Need Answers to These Questions

May 22, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN


Will the blood samples or throat cultures taken from Americans for Corona Virus testing also take matter that will allow their DNA to be sequenced and catalogued by the preferred testing agencies?  (These preferred testing agencies will doubtless be chosen by Democrats and other bona fide misanthropic malcontents; don’t trust them.)
Is the government able to build a DNA database from these samples?
If the above are answered, YES and YES, will there be enough sample left that a corrupt government could plant some at crime scenes, or at least be able to say that the catalogued sequence of somebody’s DNA collected for Corona Virus testing evidence matches some evidence found at a crime scene?  (It CAN happen in America; there are quite a few people who’ve been released from prison over the years on the strength of DNA evidence who would tell you so.  Also, and I address government worshippers here:  please think about this as though one of your mortal enemies, like Donald Trump, is in charge, and not somebody who hates your enemies.  Please.)
Not incidentally, a frequent Rush Limbaugh guest host, to remain nameless at this time, thinks that if you or anybody refuses to voluntarily be put into a government-run DNA database, having provided requisite sample, you have something to hide.  He’s right; I want to hide my DNA from an out-of-control and lawless government.  Also, I’d like to be invisible to statist dipstick, brown-shirt wannabes like this particular Rush Limbaugh guest host.
When will we get to see all of the data that the government agencies, CDC, NIH and the other usual suspects, including China’s W. H. O. have been using to sequester the amazingly co-operative (possibly fluoride-mesmerized) American people?
Will we be able to trust government data?  (Um, I know the answer to this one, already.)
In the event that there is any data falsified that was used to sequester healthy Americans and damage the economy which provides for a good health care system as well as abundant food, medicine, necessities and luxuries, will the perpetrators of that false data be held responsible?  Or should we be satisfied with shaming the shameless?  (This is like the idiots who say that people who make a daily pile of selfish, illegal, immoral acts their day’s work will just have to live with their conscience, instead of doing the hard work it takes to punish the habitual wrongdoer and maybe help them go straight.   And it leaves them free to continue their malevolence.  I guess we could have left Manson on the street, tortured by his conscience and unable to sleep well at night and just call it justice, huh?)
Should we ever again trust anybody in the government who took part in this corona virus con that is destroying America, whether knowingly or naively?
Should we ever again trust those who are elected, who did nothing to stop the coronva virus lockdown travesty enabling the vast pain and suffering that has taken place and is yet to come, yet to come even if we get this lockdown stopped immediately?
I would add that the irrefutably guilty, that is Governors Cuomo, Whitmer, DeWine, (and too numerous a list to finish here), be called on the carpet to suffer for their crimes against humanity.  Further, those in government- those who were elected to do the will of the people and not destroy the people- need to be called on the carpet, for the action of inaction in the face of crime is also a crime.  I think that those in elective office who’ve done nothing, for whatever reason they may have, to stop this crime against humanity are no less- and possibly more- despicable than the evildoers, themselves.
Recall the death of the woman, Elizabeth Short, who was called the Black Dahlia and how many people who could have intervened to save her but did nothing.  Of course they all had to live with their consciences.  Even if they had consciences, apparently unlike so many of  us today, Elizabeth Short was murdered, the crime was done, a life was taken.
Those whose consciences might keep them awake at night for standing by and watching the destruction of America and doing nothing will be responsible for more than the death of one woman, they will bear the responsibility for the death of what was left on earth of liberty and hope.
Je suis Spike