THE PLOT THICKENS! Ex-Marine Admits He Tried to Murder Seth Rich Case Investigator!

December 4, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: The Daily Stormer | By Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin


Seth Rich: Still dead, still no suspect.

You’ll recall that Seth Rich was the person suggested by Julian Assange as the leaker of the DNC emails, which the media has maliciously and without evidence accused Russia of “hacking.”

Rich was a DNC staffer who was murdered in Washington, DC just before the release of the Wikileaks, and his death declared a “robbery gone wrong” by the police even though he was not robbed.

Several people have attempted to investigate the murder further and have experienced various levels of trouble. One guy got shot by an ex-marine he hired to help him with the investigation in what is being framed as a revenge attack but looks suspiciously like an attempted assassination.

Washington Post:

A man who worked as an investigator for conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman will serve nine years in prison for shooting and wounding his ex-boss in a complicated plot involving a fake FBI exposé.

Kevin Doherty, 46, said little as Judge William T. Newman Jr. sentenced him Monday for malicious wounding and use of a firearm in commission of a felony, but he acknowledged the veracity of a set of facts read by Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Evie Eastman detailing his “serious falling out” with Burkman and the “grand ruse” he concocted in revenge.

Eastman said Doherty lured Burkman to a hotel parking garage in March with the false promise of turning over details of FBI misconduct.

“It was all pretend,” Eastman said.

During the hearing in Arlington Circuit Court, Newman imposed a 23-year prison term with 14 years suspended. In addition, Doherty, who pleaded guilty to both charges, must pay back with interest the $15,000 Burkman gave him for the nonexistent FBI documents.

Burkman told The Washington Post in March that he hired Doherty, a onetime Marine, to investigate the death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. Burkman, a Republican lobbyist, has enmeshed himself in a conspiracy theory that Rich was killed for handing Democratic emails over to WikiLeaks.

So, this “conspiracy theorist” Jack Burkman was pursuing his own investigation of the Rich mystery. He hired an investigator who ended up not helping him but luring him into a garage to shoot him.

Attempted murder, basically.

Doherty was supposed to build a psychological profile of Rich’s possible killer, but Burkman said in March that he and Doherty quickly came to loggerheads over control of the project. Burkman fired Doherty in July 2017.

In court, Eastman described the plot Doherty executed months later and how police tracked him down. Doherty sent Burkman emails pretending to have information “detrimental to the FBI.” Burkman paid Doherty $15,000 and arranged to pick up the documentation from under a traffic cone at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington on March 13.

When Burkman leaned over to get the documents, Eastman said, Doherty shot him twice in the buttocks with a rifle. Burkman fled up a parking ramp, carrying the traffic cone and his dog, Jack Jr. Doherty admitted he then ran down his former employer from behind the wheel of a black SUV.

Burkman suffered a broken arm, and two bullets remain lodged in his buttocks, Eastman said. His dachshund was not harmed.

Thank god.

Doherty drove off before police arrived, but Eastman said the black SUV was spotted in the garage on hotel security cameras before the attack. A man was seen leaving the vehicle and putting several items in a nearby trash can.

Inside the can, police found a shipping box addressed to Doherty and a handwritten note on calibrating a new weapon, along with fuel filters and ammunition. 

So this Marine was pretty serious about killing his former boss. He might have even had a second guy in on the hit with him. Killing him in broad daylight was his plan, but when that failed he tried to run the guy over and still failed. 

It’s funny though.

The commenters over at the Washington Post are all on the side of the would-be assassin.

And the cherry on top: only 9 years for the ex-marine and no attempted murder charges.

And I bet he won’t serve the full 9 years either.

Previously on the Seth Rich Drama

For those who don’t recall, Burkman was the original investigator employed by the family of Seth Rich to investigate this killing back in 2016.

The Rich family later denounced Burkman and claimed that they no longer wanted their son’s murder being investigated, even though no new information to prove the “robbery gone wrong” theory of the police was ever presented.

The Rich family is now suing anyone who questions the official narrative on their son’s murder. Presumably, they’ve been threatened or bribed or both, because the 180 is not otherwise explainable.

To be fair, there is also no solid evidence indicating that the Rich murder was a deep state whackjob, it just seems generally obvious that it was. It is certainly more reasonable and supported by facts than the outrageous conspiracy theory that the DNC was hacked by Russia.

Along with being shot, Burkman has also had chemicals thrown in his face outside his home. That said, he’s recently become involved with some cartoony stuff, being the lead figure with Jacob Wohl to accuse Robert Mueller of doing metoo and then never producing a girl.

I think it is more likely than not that Seth Rich was the source for the DNC leaks, but it is also more likely than not that this will never be proved.