The “State” of “Israel:” a “Nation” Conceived in Hell

April 13, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

By: Carol J. Asher

For nigh on 70 years to date, everyone talks about it; literary scholars and politicians endlessly wrangle over it.  And while untold millions both swear by it and fight for its expansion, millions more despise and decry it.  Myself?  I see it simply as


A “Nation” that Shouldn’t Be.

Referencing the title here, I’d like to first consider the meaning of the term “nation.”  In the political and “legal” sense of the word, a nation is but a corporate fiction  – – something created on paper by decrees or agreements among men for purposes of governing and controlling, and from that time on existing politically, on some authoritative record.  Apart from serving that function, such creations are artificial; they are not REAL.  On the other hand, the flesh and blood people dwelling there – whatever the geographic area in question, are indeed always totally OTHER.  Secondly, I, for one have long wondered why Israel is called a “state” and never a “country,” like every other geo-political entity in the world.”  (If its creators surreptitiously meant it to be like a 51st state of the U.S., the sick ploy has not been lost on some of us!  And God knows there’s more than a little on the books to support the notion….that and a whole lot more.)
I mention all that as a lead-in to the following point:  In response to an email rant of mine a while back denouncing some of the atrocious abuses being meted out to innocent Palestinians, my own county sheriff, a good church-going man, wrote back asking me a strange question.  “Just exactly where would one would find ‘Palestine’ on a map?” he asked, apparently implying that whatever identity Palestine once had is no longer, thus rendering the area “legitimately” up for the taking, I guess.  That was certainly one response I never expected, and one I could hardly believe.  Funny the sheriff should mention it, but maybe it’s good that he did.  His question, I thought, may even have originated from his own pastor, too.Regardless, it certainly leads to a logical question in response:  Just what ever did happen to the historic Palestine which dated back thousands of years, to at least Roman times?  When exactly did the label “Palestine” get erased off the globe?  I’m not yet a hundred years old, but have a Bible from high school days with a map that identifies the Holy Land as Palestine, as it existed back in Jesus’ time.  To be sure, the historical record for that entire region is not a simple one, yet it is quite easy to pinpoint the precise era in which this particular change occurred, including deciphering by whose design the area came to be known now as “Israel.”As almost a side note, the reader will likely recall the awful flak the establishment media long visited upon Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for purportedly saying that Israel ought to be “wiped off the map,” – – a remark for which no documentation can be found, by the way.  The closest Mr. Ahmadinejad would have come to making such a statement – – and rightly so – – is his decrying repeatedly the supremacist attitude and murderous behavior exhibited by the adherents of political Zionism in declaring themselves the apparent, exclusive heirs to the entire region of “Israel,” formerly known as Palestine.  Demonic ideology like theirs did then and forever does need to be utterly obliterated off the face of the earth, just as President Ahmadinejad indicated.  Which brings us to the question:

Just Who Is, and from Whence Came, Zionist “Israel?”

Over approximately the entire past century, scholarly researchers have published whole libraries of documentation answering this question.  I myself have heard and read enough about it over the past several decades to arrive at a fair, working knowledge of this part of history.  But rather than delve into the volumes of information so readily available, I merely want to offer my own homespun opinion, focusing mainly on who “Israel” (i.e., the Israelis) are NOT….for precisely there hangs the whole tale.  An historically wandering band of conscienceless, self-seeking thieves and murderers is largely what they are – – shrewd enough also to always be able to figure out how to intrude and pull off their next heist. This they accomplished monumentally in spades in the course of the 20th century.  Knowing that this tribe’s very motto is By way of deception shalt thou come to rule, we can well understand their modus operandi.  An honorable work ethic was never their chosen way; instead, through conniving, it has always been theirs to devise ways to siphon off and profit from what others have created and produced.  If to do so should require deceit, theft, destruction, even murder, then so be it.  Accordingly, it was only “natural” for them to take advantage and seize upon the opportunity to play a prized, central role in the concocted story of

The Return of “God’s Chosen People” to Zion.

What good fortune that turned out to be, and how very convenient!  But when, totally unhindered by morality, one has managed to amass the power and the means sufficient to wield control over even the highest seats of world power, virtually no door can ever close against you.  Matters of truth and justice present no problem, for they’re never allowed to get in your way.  It matters not in the least that a large percentage of you are avowed atheists, have no use for God, and honestly could care less about any Bible promises.  When given a choice of religion ages ago, your ancestors adopted Judaism strictly for the political advantage they judged it could afford them, and it surely paid off for you, as you went on to lay false claim to, and boorishly move in upon “the land of promise” – – any civilization and peoples already established there be damned!  Such has been the mindset, the mind-boggling achievement, and high-riding experience of Zionist Israel for well over a century now, to speak just of modern times.  While this is not to say that you have been the only purveyors of evil, the only destroyers of civilizations on the planet down through history, you certainly are part and parcel of that same spirit of antiChrist which routinely murdered the prophets and all who opposed your characteristic tyranny throughout the ages….and we now see one of the most poisonous fruits of your labors in the scourge of Bolshevik Communism gripping our present world.  Well did Jesus say, By their fruits you will know them.

So, is there a True Israel?

Yes, but, for the most part, the modern-day political Israelis certainly are not it!  The term instead refers only to those who sincerely claim and can trace ancestral roots back to the Old Testament tribe of Juda, one of the many sons of Jacob/Israel, grandson of Abraham.  However, often by their own admission, only a small percentage of all the people identifying themselves as Jews today – – including those residing in “Israel” – – adhere to and actually practice the ancient biblical faith, apart from perhaps observing certain modern day and traditional ethnic Jewish festivals each year.  Furthermore, most adherents to Judaism are inclined to see themselves more as a race (and quite a superior, elite one at that) far more than as a faith or a religious sect.  With that in mind, so much for the political and media-fabricated lie about the creation of the State of Israel being necessary for the “re-gathering of God’s people” to a promised land.  The height of deceit and hypocrisy is what it is, not to mention its numbering among the most sacrilegious abominations ever devised by earthly man.  Truth be known, prior to the start of the brutal and officially sanctioned 1948 Zionist invasion, ethnic populations of Muslims, Christians and Jews had shared the land of Palestine side-by-side with one another in relative peace and prosperity over untold centuries.  Only when “God’s chosen” arrived, did the serious trouble begin, growing ever more severe and intolerable with each passing year.  With all of this as background, here now are the two major considerations that made me want to address this subject in the first place:

Israel’s Much-Ballyhooed “Right to Exist”

There has to be a reason why, of all the nations in the world, the “nation state” of “Israel” is the only one whose “right to exist” is the subject of endless question and debate.  Has anyone ever heard it argued whether China or India, France, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Ireland or any other nation has the right to exist?  No, so why not?  As much as the wrangle has always bothered me, the answer has always been obvious, and comes down to this:  Every one and every thing created has a right to exist…..just not on someone else’s turf!  How more simple could that rule be, yet there precisely hangs the rub, and so very few people seem to get it.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why that is.  Commentators of every stripe – – including even some of the purported best of truth tellers – – seldom address the problem from this most basic premise. Thankfully, there are some who regularly do, notably Pastor Chuck Carlson, Tom Compton and Chris Hanson of We Hold These Truths, and other no-holds-barred truth tellers like Bob Tuskin, Stephen Lendman, Brother Nathanael and Jonathan Cook, all but Jonathan being Jewish themselves.  The very sane, un-common-sense reasoning of these good people rings like music to my ears, and helps me feel more sane through it all.  Morally, it’s really a very simple issue and can be looked at this way:  Suppose you own a home, an abode which you yourself built and paid for.  You’ve been living there for quite some time, going about the business of your own private affairs, enjoying relative peace and comfort…..up until the one day that I show up at your door.  I announce to  you that I am now authorized to move in, and that you, at best, are to be relegated to a back corner of the property somewhere, if I don’t just decide to throw you out totally or eliminate you altogether.  Is the blatant wrong of such a scenario so difficult for people to understand?!  How could it possibly be difficult?!  Who among us would put up with it personally?  My obvious point is that the political “Israel” cabal has had exactly that much right to barge its way onto the land and into the lives of the Palestinians.  Why the average, fair-minded person hasn’t been able to see this and, together, shout a world-wide NO is beyond me!…..which brings me to my last big point, that having to do with a proposed

“Two-State Solution”

After several decades of personal moral outrage over the whole immoral situation that has been occurring in Palestine and throughout the Middle East, I’m afraid that even I am finally coming to a point of mental surrender, seeing as how holding out for anything better, at this late stage of the game, appears quite futile.  Still, bearing in mind the hypothetical situation described just above, does it not seem quite unconscienablethe very thought of trying to make a “fair deal” with such a boorish and intrusive force as the Israeli (Likud) Bolsheviks?  Again, I guarantee you that in real life, at least in the private sector, such a truce, such a backing down on the part of the victims, just would not happen!  But when it comes to the big, political, public side of things it appears that some very different rules apply.  So alas, it  looks like we are largely stuck, and both the disadvantaged inhabitants of occupied Palestine, like all the rest of us who care, must face and deal with the terrible, sorry situation that has evolved.  Not only has the intruder succeeded in completely taking over the farm, becoming fully entrenched in power, but indeed has banished the rightful owners (those he has not yet exterminated) to a walled-off existence of near impossible conditions.  May Heaven send mercy upon the latter!

And in closing, I have this to say to the conscience-less, God-less tyrants who now rule:  May the Powers of Heaven show mercy upon EVEN YOU, for, as God is just and unfailing, it is YOU who are soon going to need it the most.  Obviously, you had no right to force your way into the Holy Land….not politically, and certainly not under false religious pretenses.  Had you truly wished to claim Jewish heritage and get in on the perceived benefits of such, you could have at least come peacefully, respectfully and lawfully, as you well should have.  Because you did not (unless you sincerely and seriously repent and reform) you can look forward to the hell that you have created for yourselves.  That hell is just as real and inescapable as your own choices have fashioned it to be.  My own wonderful teacher Jesus assured us of that truth when He said,Amen, amen I say to you:  Ye shall not go forth from thence until ye have paid the last farthingUnderstand:  We are referring here to the law of natural consequences – – the simple law that says what goesaround comes around, and what you give out will come back to you.  As ye give, so shall ye receive, Jesus said.  It is simply the immutable and inescapable law of God’s universe, serving both for our correction as well as for our blessing.

But finally, as regards the here and now, I want to say that I’m encouraged to see more and more of the world waking up and rising up in indignation over what you have done to the former Holy Land and to its people.  It would appear that your reign of terror may be slowly coming to an end, an end that certainly cannot come too soon.  As I see it, anything like a true and equitable “two-state solution” can come about ONLY when your cruel walls of apartheid are torn down; only when ALL citizens of the Land are set free and made equally eligible to participate in the government and in the society at  large.  Frankly, how about we go back to aone-state, one-nation solution instead?  One in which the supremacist-minded intruders will have backed off, backed down, and grown humble enough to agree to peacefully live, participate in and contribute to the life of one unified nation – – preferably that beautiful one so long known and cherished as Palestine.

Carol J. Asher