It’s a Small Party and Voters are NOT Invited

April 13, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

Which Part of “The Republican Party Doesn’t Want You!” Do You Not Understand?

The Colorado Republican Party is not a (little d) democratic institution; they care not what the people say, you see.

It’s their party and they’ll lose if they want to, and they seem to want to, as Raphael cruised to a Donatello Trump-thumping.

By now everybody knows that the Colorado GOP has shown itself to be (Big D) Dumb and (also Big D) Dopey in that it: Disenfranchised the Denver voter; Battered the Boulder voter; Told the Telluride voter, tell it to somebody who cares; Preferred to tell the Pueblo voters (who had wet legs) that it is raining; Kicked the Keystone voter; Left the Limon voters out of the Loop; Bent Over the Buena Vista voter; Gutted the Greeley voter; Broke the heart of the Loveland voter; Stole some votes from the Steamboat Springs voters; Stuck it right hard in the Aspen voter; and the FCC suggests that I don’t tell you what they did to the voters of Fort Collins, for crying out loud. (And I guess I’ll leave the Crested Butte voters to wipe up the mess the Colorado GOP left them.)

Ok, enough of that.

In fact, the Colorado GOP is allowed to make the rules by which it determines how it’s going to conduct itself and it conducted itself true to its nature. Its nature is to tell the millions of Colorado voters who make their great state what it is, to “get stuffed, we don’t want your opinion; if we wanted your opinion we’d tell you what it is.”

The Colorado GOP has the right to run its house the way it wants, just as YOU have the right to run YOUR house the way you want. After all, it’s their party and they aren’t required to invite you. Obviously they aren’t required to invite anybody. You know how you want to keep some people out of your house? That’s how the Colorado GOP wants to keep nearly everybody out of their house. It’s their right, but I think they’re wrong.

Thank you for reading,

Je Suis Spike