The ultimate Epstein death conspiracy: He is still alive

August 14, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Washington Times


This March 28, 2017, photo, provided by the New York State Sex Offender Registry shows Jeffrey Epstein. Newly released court documents show that Epstein repeatedly declined to answer questions about sex abuse as part of a lawsuit. A partial transcript … more >


By Tim Constantine


The name Jeffrey Epstein has taken up most of the bandwidth in news outlets since last Saturday morning, when we were told his lifeless body was found in his Metropolitan Correctional Center cell in New YorkEpstein was being housed there pending trial on sex-trafficking charges.

Much of the coverage of his reported demise has speculated about whether his death was suicide, as initial reports indicated, or whether perhaps some of the rich and powerful acquaintances Epstein had collected over the years decided silencing him would be better than the waves of embarrassment he could have potentially brought raining down.

What evidence exists to support the various conspiracy scenarios?

Epstein had requested a meeting for Friday with the newest member of his legal team. That attorney, David Schoen, a longtime friend of Epstein‘s, could not meet on Friday but said the two had met earlier this month for the specific purpose of Schoen joining the defense team. Schoen says Epstein was “engaged” and “excited” during the meeting and very much looking forward to defending himself. The two were scheduled to meet again this coming week.

Would most people add a high priced attorney to a defense team they had no intention of using?

It isn’t unusual that there would be no camera inside a prisoner’s cell, but in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, cells on Epstein’s wing had video surveillance at the entry to each cell. News reports indicate the camera that would normally record who entered and exited his cell was broken. An amazing coincidence?

A long-simmering lawsuit seeking the unsealing of records from a civil case involving Epstein and alleged victims was successful on Friday. Those records included names of many high profile individuals that were allegedly provided young women by Epstein. Among the names released on Friday were a former U.S. senator, a former New Mexico governor and a member of the British Royal family, and that was just for starters.

Former President Bill Clinton had flown aboard Epstein’s private jet on more than one occasion. President Trump is said to have traveled on Epstein’s plane from Florida to New York more than a decade ago.

The point being, the list of high profile, powerful individuals who theoretically could have been embarrassed by revelations in an Epstein trial was lengthy. It isn’t a huge leap to think there were other prominent names we don’t yet know about.

Reports indicate Epstein had a cellmate that was a muscle-bound former police officer who now stands accused in four murders and that Epstein was fearful of him. In another amazing coincidence, that cellmate was transferred out just hours before Epstein was found dead. What does that former cellmate know? Have Justice Department officials spoken with him?

There were two guards on duty on the wing Epstein was being housed in. One of those two was not actually a correctional officer. What was his normal role and why was he filling in as a guard on this particular night? Was this his first time serving in that capacity or was it a regular occurrence?

Protocol called for the guards to check on every inmate every 30 minutes. They did not. In fact, several hours elapsed between checks on Epstein’s cell. Was this intentional or simply incompetence? Epsteinhad been on suicide watch earlier in the month so one has to wonder why he was left alone in a cell for several hours.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, once a prosecutor himself, appeared on Fox News on Tuesday morning and said only one of three things could have happened. He wasn’t endorsing any of the theories, merely saying that there are only three possibilities. Either (1) Epstein was murdered in an organized effort, (2) he was murdered by other inmates in a sort of “prison justice” because even inmates frown on sex offenders or (3) he committed suicide.

I have a fourth and just as likely scenario. Jeffrey Epstein is still alive.

If the media feels the need to float conspiracy theories, why not look at the distinct possibility that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and well and currently learning the ropes of the U.S. federal witness protection program?

Wasn’t it convenient that the media caught a glimpse of Epstein’s limp remains on a stretcher as the ambulance carrying him arrived at the hospital? Doesn’t it seem odd that someone knew what hospital he was being transported to, which ambulance he was arriving in and just happened to be standing by to take pictures? But seeing is believing, and if you want people to believe someone is dead, show them the body.

Considering all the conspiracy theories that assume the rich and powerful could have had Epstein killed, is it really that far-fetched that one or more of those same rich and powerful could arrange to have him moved, alive, to some other destination? Even those with much to lose might have some semblance of a conscience. If so, making Epstein disappear without killing him might be more palatable to them.

Is it really possible that people would help Epstein escape justice for such horrific alleged crimes simply because one or more prominent people wanted to save face? Of course it is. It already happened once. Epstein was originally charged in Florida more than a decade ago with a swath of sex crimes, including involving minors. Somehow he managed to negotiate a deal that kept him out of decades in federal prison and instead served work-release for less than a year at a county jail. He pleaded guilty to a single prostitution charge.

Do you suppose some of those same rich and powerful (and potentially embarrassed) friends helped make that happen? You bet they did. So what is different this time? There are still countless folks who stand to be embarrassed by a Jeffrey Epstein trial. Let’s take it one step further. What if a political heavyweight cut a deal with Epstein to get him into witness protection if Epstein himself would provide verifiable dirt on said heavyweight’s political opponents? Quid pro quo.

Oh my.

Not only does this conspiracy fake the pedophile’s death and grant him his remaining days on the planet in pursuit of pleasures as he sees fit, it also puts him in charge of determining the political outcome of unnamed races.

Jeffrey Epstein is alive. Keep alert for even more obvious signs and in the meantime, keep your daughters under a watchful eye.

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