“Then They Will Come For Your Homes”…Elon Musk Issues DIRE Warning To America

January 18, 2024 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Conservative News


Our country is a basket case of problems right now, and no, ‘structural’ racism, misogyny, and homophobia are not the problems.

The problems stem from a rotten core and have permeated virtually all important and core functions of the state and the country.

We have a collapsing currency, a breakdown of the family unit, record-high inflation, dwindling geopolitical power, a government that is completely divorced from the will of the people, and an ongoing border crisis.

It is the last of these problems that billionaire industrialist Elon Musk has recently drawn the most attention to.

Following the decision to force students of New York City’s James Madison High School into temporary remote learning so the school could be converted into a facility to house illegal migrants, Musk sounded the alarm.

Musk said: “This is what happens when you run out of hotel rooms. Soon, cities will run out of schools to vacate. Then they will come for your homes.”

President Trump had this to say: “The whole concept of sanctuary cities is going to fall of its own weight…. Democrats aren’t going to be able to take it much longer. It’s not sustainable for this country.”

The New York Post chronicled the unprecedented incident at James Madison High School:

The backlash stems from a last-minute decision by Mayor Eric Adams to bus hundreds of migrant families from a controversial tent shelter at Floyd Bennett Field to the school 5 miles away — with asylum seekers forced to nap on a gym floor before being rustled back to the shelter just hours later.

Senator Ron Johnson writes: “POTUS, the architect of the open border crisis, is also delusional if he believes Republicans have not been willing to secure it. The truth is that he is the most dishonest, corrupt, and incompetent President in American history.”

CNN provided the latest CBP figures:

Border authorities encountered more than 225,000 migrants along the US-Mexico border this month, marking the highest monthly total recorded since 2000, according to preliminary Homeland Security statistics shared with CNN.

Over the course of the month, authorities dealt with more than 10,000 migrants crossing daily until more recently, when the numbers began to drop.