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April 28, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

By Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt |  
HOW DOES HILLSDALE GET AWAY WITH TEACHING THE CONSTITUTION…at the same time it is enabling  the establishment of unconstitutional charter schools (providing curriculum materials to individuals and groups involved in starting charter schools? )

The late George Roche, former President of Hillsdale College, the nation’s foremost voice regarding the dangers involved in tax funding of private education,   must be rolling over in his grave.
Charter schools are funded with tax monies but have no elected school boards(*).    This is taxation without representation.
(*) board members elected by and representing all the taxpayers in the municipality.
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Former Senior Policy Advisor

U.S. Department of Education

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Fellow American,
One of the greatest gifts God has given Americans is our freedom. Even with all the turmoil and oppression we see in the world around us, we still too often take these freedoms for granted.
In our great country, the Constitution is the document that protects it. After the Bible, it is the single most important document in the world. Most Americans think they know it well, since they learned about it in school.
But far too few Americans truly understand the Constitution, and the freedoms it protects.
We’ve made our renowned Constitution 101 course free for all Americans to take online — the same course that every Hillsdale student must take to graduate, regardless of their major.
Activate your personal Constitution 101 course today — you’ll get weekly lessons via email and can take quizzes to test your knowledge as you learn.
Time is Running Out

Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin agree:
“Hillsdale College is the authority on teaching the Constitution.”
In the fight to preserve our freedoms, our greatest enemy is ignorance. Become an expert on the document that secures and preserves your freedom — the U.S. Constitution.

Thank you,
Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College
Pursuing Truth-Defending Liberty since 1844
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