This Immigration Invasion Will Not End Well: No Discernible National Identity

December 20, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Frosty Wooldridge

December 18, 2023

America in 2050: No discernible national identity and unique heritage to be proud of, other than being one of the first globalist non-nations.

How would you like to throw a Christmas party in your 3,000 square foot home, but instead of your 10 friends coming over, another 100 strangers show up at your door…and without knocking, barge into your home not only for the party, but for the rest of your life?  Not only that, they demand that you feed them, while providing them beds and bathrooms for their own use.  Their children expect to attend your schools with free education, free breakfasts and lunches…plus you get to pay for their transportation and medical costs.  How would you like that for a Christmas present?

Right now, that’s what’s happened at our Southern Border with Mr. Joe Biden, the pretend president, who possesses not a single, iota of a clue as to what he is doing to the United States of America. He and Congress have imported 10,000,000 third world refugees into America in the past 36 months. They are overwhelming our major cities. You can expect another 3 to 4 million more within the next 12 months of Biden’s dementia-plagued mind.

What’s happening across America cannot and will not be good for American citizens. It’s a full-scale invasion costing you billions upon billions of dollars in welfare. It’s a full-scale invasion that will alter the course of American history, negatively and drastically.

My friend and colleague Leon Kolankieowicz told it to me this way, “I see such strong parallels between the mindsets in Canada and California; California is basically America’s Canada when it comes to a “liberal”  worldview, including ostensibly “generous” views of immigrants and a “welcoming” attitude towards mass immigration high levels and/or open borders with no end in sight, i.e., as a permanent policy fixture, and on the part of most or many whites in particular, a deep sense of “white guilt” that colors their worldviews and policy preferences.

“And who is Gavin Newsom but Justin Trudeau with an Anglo surname?  Handsome, superficial, glib, hip, woke, white dudes and intellectual light-weights from their respective political dynasties.

“But, as many may know, California’s population, after having exploded super-exponentially from under 2 million in 1900 to 34 million in 2000, and then approaching 40 million in the last decade, has actually declined in the last three years.

“If this were from vastly reduced immigration and stable, replacement-level birth rates we could declare victory and go home, but no, no, no, it’s not that at all.  Instead, mass immigration into California and the country as a whole continues virtually unabated even before Biden’s puppeteers erased the Southern Border, but it is now accompanied by a mass exodus of the working and middle classes of all races and ethnic groups OUT of the state, and into The Rest of the West.

“So Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and even Texas and Florida are all filling up with hordes of ex-Californians fleeing the traffic, crime, sprawl, depressed wages, homelessness, and unaffordable housing, in essence, a quality of life and standard of living degraded by overpopulation and the mass immigration that caused it, i.e., the perhaps inevitable consequences of an inability of liberals to “just say no” to mass immigration.

“Just this month, for example, released a new study on urban sprawl in Idaho, and here was the cover of our publication:  Californicating Idaho by Roy Beck and Leon Kolankiewicz.  Is Idaho ready to house another 1 or 2 million people?

“Along the same lines, I wanted to point out these three recent videos concerning the former Dominion of the North, aka Canada, which the Liberal Party under Trudeau has punished with the highest rate of immigration in the Western World.  It’s a central feature of their treacherous scheme to deracinate Canada and transmogrify it into a “post-national” factory and flophouse with no discernable national identity and unique heritage to be proud of, other than being the first globalist non-nation and plaything of the globalist ruling class.

“As a Canadian colleague Madeline Weld writes: ‘I’d prefer Canada’s immigration to be 12,000 ordinary people next year rather than 1.2 million geniuses. The 12,000 will cause less ecological damage and contribute less to housing unaffordability than the 1.2 million geniuses.  Mass immigration kills housing affordability which hurts vulnerable people, first and foremost recent immigrants. A mass immigration policy is a brutal neo-liberal policy that seeks to commoditize people, with business calling the shots with the government as a front.’”

I don’t know about you, but ask yourself if you want another 10, 20 or 50 million refugees added to America?  Why would you want them added to your “house”?  Why would you want your children faced with 50 different languages in their classrooms?  How would you deal with a dozen different religions demanding their own Christmas celebration?  How will you pay for millions of refugees who suck off our welfare systems to the detriment of our own citizens?  How will you deal with your neighborhoods becoming SO “multicultural” that you no longer enjoy your own American Culture?  What are you doing to stop this massive invasion of your “house” by illegal aliens?  Do you understand the enormous environmental consequences as to water, energy, resources and quality of life?

You might best be voting U.S. House and Senate members who want to save your house, your home, your country and your children.

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