Time Magazine: Putin’s Nefarious Plot to Dominate the World

April 22, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Time Magazine: This month’s Issue is dedicated to Fear Mongering. RUSSIA wants to RULE the WORLD???   Here is the pot, (U.S.), calling the kettle black.
Who has 700 plus military bases around the Globe?
Answer:  The U.S.
Who is currently attempting to overthrow Syria, and Venezuela?
Answer:  The U.S.
Who is placing “Economic Hardship Sanctions” on the people of numerous countries at the same time, in order to topple their governments?
Answer:  The United States.

Time magazine has ZERO credibility with making these outrageous, and “Unfounded” allegations/accusations.  By their actions alone, the U.S. is putting onto action a plan to rule the world.  If the U.S. is able to control the majority of the world’s oil supply,then it will hold on to being a World Domination Power.  He who controls the oil, controls a stronger nation’s manufacturing capabilities.  This is what happens when you essentially have no manufacturing to speak of.  The U.S. must use their military might to gain a RESOURCE ADVANTAGE, in order to control stronger world economies.

– Steve Elkins

Source: Russia-Insider


A key US fake-news outlet claims that Trump’s election was just the beginning. Russia has far more ambitious goals.

By Angelina Proskurina 

Vladimir Putin is plotting to dominate the world, or, at least, that the hypothesis to which Time Magazine devoted their latest issue. It is truly an example of how shrill and comical the US media have become.

The below video and transcript are from the Vinyard of the Saker.


Hello friends, with you is Angelina Proskurina, and today I would like to talk about latest issue of the popular American magazine “Time”, on the cover where we can unexpectedly see President Vladimir Putin.

Almost the entire publication is dedicated to the Russian leader. But not even opening the journal can we notice that the Americans were able to make a truly serious opening. Russia in their opinion presents itself as a new type of empire, which spread its tentacles to literally all 7 continents. And special attention was given to Washington, which could not resist this encroachment.

In all honesty, this cover reminds me of a poster for some new fantasy Marvel movie. But not for something as serious as the “Time” magazine. A bloody red background, a large amount of the Kremlin’s stars all over the planet, and in the center is the silhouette of the Russian leader which reminds me more of Slenderman hanging over the whole planet. Is that enough drama for you?

Importantly, the article is written by journalist Simon Schuster. He gives the same opinion as given by many American “experts”. Thanks to America’s favorite Russian conspiracy of how they helped Trump “Make America Great Again”, there is now a new different allegation. American experts think that for Putin, he doesn’t have enough influence on just the West. For a while now, he has spread his politics all over the world, hoping to cobble up the whole planet.

Look at me. I am your election monitor now.

There is more growing confidence that this material was written by George Orwell or Aldous Huxley, but not by a journalist of one of the world’s most prestigious publishers. If we throw aside all of the delirium by this fantasy writer, then we can notice the parallel red thread of this act: the rise of Russia’s influence in the world.

There is a critical discussion about “Putin’s empire.” Yes, yes. You can take a look at the cover one more time and have a closer view at the sub-headline. Which verbatim translates to from English to Russian like this: “How Putin built improvised empire of tyrants and rogue states.” The author sweeps dust to dust spreading word of the empire scheme which Vladimir Vladimirovich is building.

Critically I emphasize the inconsistency for the full absence of such a system. But even here they show contradictions, since later the journalist admits that there is a system. It’s just that for the Americans, it doesn’t suit their taste. When the West offers the world only investigations and money, Russia provides freedom, safety and a readiness to go into compromise. The main one here is freedom, which it views as the most important value.

This is exactly why Russia’s influence in the world continues to grow. The governments of many countries want to cooperate with us into making contracts for the delivery of military weapons, like Turkish President Erdoğan did. And no matter how the US angrily threatened them with sanctions over their offer of supplying Patriot surface-to-air missiles (SAM) instead of our Russian S-400s, Ankara firmly was confident in their decision and continues their talks with us

This is why until the American elite understand that you can’t take exceptional methods of whipping right and left through the use of sanctions, the more their authority will begin to fall in the political arena. Nobody canceled diplomacy. Until that point, Russia remains and will remain in the winning position instead of Washington. We already have a handful of advantages.

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