President Trump Has Committed OBSTRUCTION OF INJUSTICE …

April 22, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


… Tell Him, “Thank You!”

by Je Suis Spike for RBN

Since operatives conspiring in the Deep State have engaged in better than two years of naked attempts to slander/smear President Trump, I believe that any attempt on his part to resist such slander- to rightfully resist that injustice- be called:


Don’t we, as Americans, more than most and as much as any other, claim to be about justice; we surely claim to be a nation of laws, a government of- by- and for- the people, with a very clear, short and very readable Constitution as guide.  Should we not strive to recognize and support justice, as well as fight against injustice?  And is not the fighting of injustice the same as resisting injustice, the same as obstructing injustice? May that we all commit obstruction of injustice!

Is Donald Trump, then, by attempting to obstruct injustice, not a quintessential American; is he not a stalwart in the battle against the darkness that is always awaiting the opportunity to overcome the weak, flickering light that America has become such that darkness, knowing our weakness, would envelop us, for maybe a thousand years? Or, at the least, is he not showing us how liberty-loving and justice-seeking people should be resisting a government of The Deep- by The Deep- and for The Deep?

The 400+ page pile of dung from the Mueller team reveals that a nearly comprehensive investigation of Trump associates revealed what thinking people have all known for some time: No collusion.   However, throwing protocol out the window, (as did Comey regarding Hillary Clinton, which we must mention to be fair), Robert Mueller told us that he could not come to a conclusion regarding President Trump and whether or not our President obstructed justice.


Here is a short list of other conclusions that the Mule team couldn’t reach:

  • The number of hairs on President Trump’s head.
  • Whether or not President Trump is wearing clean underwear every day, (notwithstanding the two-year Mule team’s intense rectal exam of President Trump.)
  • When a sparrow falls in the woods. (Just in case the Trump-haters missed my denial of their god as hair-counter.)

Even President Clinton’s pollster, Mark Penn, seems appalled at the travesty that is the investigation of President Trump. Some pertinent quotes, below, can be found in a most worthy article here:

[All emphasis is mine.]

  • The walls were not coming down. They were not closing in. There was, at the end of the day, no evidence whatsoever of any collusion — and there was nothing but a president frustrated at being wrongly accused and wrongly investigated over a very effective hoax.
  • Most people don’t understand what it is to not only be personally investigated for something you didn’t do but also have your friends, family members and associates placed in legal jeopardy over it. Special counsel [Robert Mueller’s]team systematically targeted the people around the president, squeezing them like lemons, indicting them on mostly process crimes created by the investigation itself.   [This is government by men, not law; this is deep state injustice and as unAmerican- as unConstitutional- as can be.]
  • The cloud under which the president and his associates have lived for more than two years deserves to be lifted.[*] The officials who launched this aborted investigation should be held accountable for their actions. And the country deserves a Congress focused not on investigations but on issues such as health care, infrastructure and immigration.


It seems that we are now at the beginning of a new round of slandering and smearing the President, (and also Bill Barr, who I am not entirely trusting yet). I am certain that the President will allow the Democrats all the time they need to destroy themselves with their mindless anti-Trump orgy. (I’d suggest he’d be willing to sell them the rope with which they would hang themselves, but, well, such a suggestion might trigger Democrats old enough to remember the Soviet Union with regard to their Russian collusion fixation.) While it is frustrating that little that America needs to survive will be done soon, it will be entertaining to watch the most horrible people around- the Democratic leadership- destroy a party that is corrupt and about as unAmerican as can be.

Thank you for reading this,

I am Spike


  • The 2017-2019 legislative Republicans could be forgiven for their inaction and for paralyzing President Trump’s agenda for two years, awaiting the outcome of this investigation, were it not for the fact that, on the face of it, this investigation was always, how did President Trump say it? “Bullshit.”   Those Republicans could have implemented much of President Trump’s agenda during his first two years in office, preserving and maybe even expanding their majority, while doing good for America, had they only the desire and decency to do the bidding of the American people (and if they’d had maybe 1/10th the intestinal fortitude of President Trump). Many of the legislative Republicans have been revealed for what they are, corrupt and not deserving of the votes of the people, and many are gone. May that all such Republicans and deserving others be so exposed and live in shame unless and until they confess and repent.