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Attorney Todd Callender joins Seth Holehouse of Man in America after having examined the oaths of office of all of the Biden appointees and finding that they are ALL botched. He says the consequences of this is that every act that they did is void, as if they never happened.

Are there any acts by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that you would like to see voided? Such as vaccine mandates for military members? Or illegal wars not approved by Congress?

How about Attorney General Merrick Garland? Is there anything he’s done that you’d like to see voided?

Todd has filed a Quo Warranto Writ with the US Attorney of Washington DC to challenge them to prove these bureaucrats’ right to hold public office.

Todd’s legal team originally stumbled onto this phenomenon while litigating against local school board officials in Colorado for their malfeasance during the COVID Hoax. That’s when they discovered that about half of these officials did not have oaths of office that were valid.

Under US Code 5 §3331, presidential appointees are required to sign an oath of office, in addition to an affidavit (US Code §3332) that swears that they did not bribe anyone to obtain the post, nor will they sell their office. These documents must be notarized.


When they FOIA’d the Oath of Office of the Biden Regime’s Secretary of Defense, they were stonewalled. Only 9 months later did they receive a defective one.

As the FOIA requests of other Brandon appointees began to arrive from the Departments of the Treasury and Transportation, they were told that the requested oaths of office could not be found. In many cases, the departments didn’t even answer them.

In the case of Pete Buttigieg, they received a letter from the Department of Transportation saying they didn’t have a copy of his oath of office but they included a YouTube link to a video of him swearing his oath.

The Department of Treasury similarly responded that there was no written oath of office for Janet Yellin.

Of the the ones they did receive, they were lacking appointment dates and/or they were not notarized, making them void, even if they were signed, which is the case of Merrick Garland’s oath of office. Todd says there’s no notarial stamp, there’s no expiration date of his commission and there’s no appointment date, which tells him that US Attorney General is not officially doing his job.

Todd says, “It’s statistically impossible for all of them to be defective and yet it is so. What does that tell you about the government that is running our country right now?” Todd believes they received legal counsel to not sign these documents.

“If you were prosecuting somebody for treason, there are elements to that crime that you would have to prove. One of those is the person you’re prosecuting has a duty. How does one demonstrate that duty? That’s what this oath is about. They are affirming their duty; they’re recognizing it, saying ‘Yes, I agree to it. Here’s my signature. Here’s the notary to prove that this is my affidavit.’…

“With this being deficient, without it being effective, I think they actually have a defense as to whether their conduct is treasonous.”

Todd’s law partner, Ken Ferguson says this now becomes an either/or equation. Either this is treason or this is impersonating a federal official. In the case of Merrick Garland, he’s impersonating a law enforcement officer, which is a crime.

Todd’s Quo Warranto is petitioning the DOJ to terminate all of these appointees, to void all of their official actions and to restore previous office holders whose oaths are in order until competent replacements can be lawfully appointed.

If these appointees don’t have a fully executed oath of office, then they’re not serving the American People and the question becomes who are they – and the hundreds, if not thousands who were appointed underneath them – who are they serving? This is especially pertinent, as we see the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations Amendments are usurping control of our public health.

If they’re not there lawfully, we shouldn’t be following their regulations.

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