Top doc drops 10-megaton bomb on lockdowners

September 14, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

By    September 14, 2020

Writes Tom Woods:

Well, the skeptics are finding their voices at last.

In Ireland, Dr. Martin Feeley — clinical director of the Midland Fields Hospital Group and a senior executive of the Health Service Executive, Ireland’s government-funded health care system — just made his dissenting views known to the Irish Times.

He said the lockdowns that we were told were essential can no longer be justified in light of what we now know about COVID-19.

The lockdowns, he added, disproportionately harm the youth — and “you can’t postpone youth.”

“The financial cost,” he said, “can be seen in any walk or drive through cities, towns and villages. Mortgage repayments and other financial setbacks are virtually all suffered by the young worker or business person and not by the over-65, who are guaranteed their pension, as indeed are the salaries of the individuals who decide to inflict these draconian measures….”

Dr. Feeley condemned the obsession with “cases,” a contextless number that only panics people, when we should instead be focusing on hospital strain:

“The number of deaths among recent cases is less than one in a thousand. This data reflects a disease much less severe than the average annual flu. The media reaction to these cases, ie, with the gravity appropriate to reporting deaths from a major catastrophe, borders on hysteria. Opening a newscast with the number of people testing positive for a condition less dangerous than the flu, which many don’t even know they have, is scaremongering.”

The Irish Times also reports on Dr. Alan Farrell, who has made his unhappiness with the government’s extreme measures known to the Minister for Health.

He says:

“From a medical perspective I am not seeing an impact from COVID on the ground. What I am seeing is delayed diagnoses for other conditions – breast cancer, skin cancer in young people, an onslaught of anxiety and depression, an increase in loneliness in the elderly, recently a fractured humerus in an elderly lady that has been like that for months as she was afraid to go outside.”

Now here’s a question no mainstream reporter will ask a epidemiologist, even though it’s an obvious one:

Are you modeling the non-COVID human costs of lockdowns and restrictions and if so, what have you concluded?

Of course no epidemiologist will answer you, because none of them are doing this. They believe that the subject of their monomania must be as all-consuming for everyone else as it is for them. The very notion of tradeoffs simply does not enter the picture.

There are very real tradeoffs that are measured in human lives — including but far from limited to the 1.4 million excess TB deaths, the 500,000 excess HIV deaths, and the 385,000 excess malaria deaths that even the New York Times acknowledged the lockdowns will cause.

Now if you mention the cost to people’s livelihoods, you’ll be accused of callousness, and you care about things rather than people, etc. — all the sorts of things a midwit would say.

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