I Will Not Stand By and Watch the Slavery Continue In The N(s)FL

September 14, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Je suis Spike for RBN


Pete Caroll, coach of the Seattle Seahags, has convinced me, so I will not watch the horror that is the slavery typified by the NFL.

Who knew that all the while we were watching NFL football that slavery was on display right in front of us?  I guess it’s true, we can’t recognize white privilege because we’re immersed in it.
If that is true, then nowhere, I think, is this ongoing slavery more obviously typified than the NFL.  For the most part the NFL is rich, white owners hiring rich, predominantly white, quarterbacks to tell the slaves where to go, (fly pattern), what to do, (carry this ball), and when to do it, (when I get the ball from the center and give it to you).  Oh, sure, the slaves of the NFL get paid millions of dollars to follow their orders and carry the load, and they get to go home at the end of the day to their big homes and loving families, but that’s not fooling me anymore.
I used to think that black people in America weren’t getting a fair shake, all right.  Still do.  But I see the error, now, in my previous thought about the unequal way they were being treated.  Those included, but was not limited to:
  • The liberal teachers unions and liberal politicians keeping them in crummy schools, and
  • Liberal judges returning repeat violent troublemakers to their neighborhoods.  (Notice judges didn’t let their compassion put these people into the judge’s own neighborhoods.)
How unfortunate that we cannot reasonably discuss legitimate gripes about inequality in America; if this grievance-society continues at the behest of the grievance drivers in politics and the media who are fomenting outright rebellion against America, we may all find out what it’s like to be told, every moment of our lives, where to go, what to and when to do it.  It’s called totalitarianism and the Marxists in our midst are pushing us toward it.  
And this nation will become Marxist as long as good men do nothing to stop it, hiding behind masks which allow them anonymity and an easy way to melt into a do-nothing crowd.
Winston Churchill once said of Americans that we are slow to anger, but once angered, difficult to defeat.
He lived a long time ago.
God Blessed America,
Je suis Spike