Top Pentagon Official Warns Ukraine They Must Pay for Arms

March 3, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


RT news has falsely reported how much monetary assistance the U.S. has sent to Ukraine thus far.  A low ball number of $31.7 Billion Dollars. TRUTH/FACT:   The U.S. has already exceeded 100 Billion Dollars in aid to Ukraine. The American taxpayers deserve the right to know how much of their taxes are sent to fund this War.  The Majority of Americans do not agree in funding this U.S. Proxy War against Russia, using Ukraine as their middle man.  Imagine how far $100 Billion dollars could go in America to fix our crumbling infrastructure???  No Near Miss… Mid-Air Aircraft Collisions. Roads without potholes, Railroads with sturdy rail.  Maybe to a point we wouldn’t have Tanker Car Train Derailments that spew out toxic chemicals into our atmosphere, ( Pete Buttigieg 1000 derailments per year).   Hmmmm…. Imagine that.  Building America.
– Steve Elkins, Off the Beaten Path, and The National Intel Report/Monday’s.


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Top Pentagon Official Warns Ukraine About Paying for Arms

Kiev eventually needs to foot the bill for some weapons shipments, a US assistant defense secretary has said

By RT News

Ukraine warned it will have to pay for weapons

A top Pentagon official has insisted that Kiev eventually needs to foot the bill for some shipments

Ukraine should eventually step in to cover the costs of some weapons it receives from its Western backers, the US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, Celeste Wallander, told Congress on Tuesday.

Speaking at a House Appropriations Committee hearing, Rep. Michael Garcia (R-Calif.) said that it would be important for the US to initiate foreign military sales to Ukraine, rather than providing Kiev with arms for free, claiming that it “would go a long way with American taxpayers.”

Wallander responded that while the Ukrainians had actually bought some weapons themselves, they “haven’t done any big figure procurement from American companies.”

“They don’t have that scale of capability in their budget right now… but it’s a very good point that we also need to transition them to start their own defense spending planning as well as everything else we will do to support them,” she said.

Since the start of the Ukraine conflict more than one year ago, the US has committed more than $31.7 billion in security assistance to support Kiev, including M1 Abrams tanks, hundreds of artillery pieces and thousands of anti-aircraft systems. Russia has repeatedly warned that arms shipments to Ukraine will only prolong the conflict.

While US President Joe Biden has vowed to support Ukraine for “as long as it takes,” that stance has faced some opposition, especially from the Republican Party. Earlier this month, a group of GOP lawmakers put forward the Ukraine Fatigue Resolution calling on Washington to “end its military and financial aid to Ukraine” while urging “all combatants to reach a peace agreement.”

Late last year, Republicans introduced a resolution spearheaded by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, calling for an audit of US aid to Ukraine. However, it was narrowly defeated in the House of Representatives in early December.

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