Transgender Athlete Wins Four Female Running Competitions in a Row

March 3, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


This NONSENSE is completely UNFAIR to a Biological Female Athlete.  This Delusional NONSENSE continues when athletes are silent.  SILENCE IS IMPLIED CONSENT.  The same applies to all female sports.

Solutions:   From a Boycott, to complete refusal in competing with a Biological Male.

There is an Unfair Advantage even if Cosmetic surgery would fool you into believing that a man is now a woman.  A BIOLOGICAL male has larger lungs than a female.  A greater capacity to bring in oxygen, and then deliver that oxygen to the muscles that are exerting a force.

The Biological Male also has a larger heart and larger chambers within that heart, to carry a greater volume of blood to the lungs; to be oxygenated, and then delivered to the muscles.  The Biological male has greater muscle mass for strength.  Muscle fatigue comes from not having enough oxygen in the muscles during exertion, and the result is a build up of Lactic Acid in the muscles. You recognize this the next day with Soreness in the muscles that were exerted.
Clearly a Biological male who transitions to a female has a greater advantage over a Biological Female.
The structural anatomy does NOT change in the transition.

That is a fact.

That is….. REAL SCIENCE.
-Steve Elkins RBN Host:  Off the Beaten Path


Source: Summit.News

Transgender Athlete Wins Four Female Running Competitions in a Row

After smashing women’s 5000 meter record last year.

A transgender athlete who now identifies as a woman has won four different female running competitions so far this year alone after smashing a women’s 5000 meter record last year.

50-year-old Canadian Tiffany Newell ‘transitioned’ into a woman in 2017 and began competing in women’s sport in 2020 after claiming to have met World Athletics guidelines on testosterone levels.

Newell scooped first place at the 3000 meter for women aged 45-49 event at the Winter Mini Meet on January 8 and then also ranked first in the women’s 5000 meter for women aged 45-49 event just days later.

On February 5, Newell repeated the achievement by winning the the 1500 meter for women aged 45-49 competition.

After he turned 50, the athlete then won first place at the 1500 meter for women aged 50-54 competition held from February 23 to February 26 in Toronto.

The International Consortium on Women’s Sport, a group demanding the protection of female competitions, reacted to the news by asserting it was a blatant example of “sex discrimination.”

Last year, Newell smashed the Canadian record in the 5000 meter indoor running competition for women aged 45-49 held at Toronto’s York University, beating it by six seconds, while also winning the 800 meter women’s race at the same event.

During a previous interview, the athlete argued against the creation of a category solely for transgender competitors.

“The policy makes sense for non-binary athletes, but I don’t feel comfortable racing against men. It categorizes me in the sex I am not identified as,” Newell said. “I am a woman, and I feel most comfortable racing against women or other transgender women. I believe an open category can work if athletes can continue to race against athletes of the same gender.”

“Despite protests from trans activists, studies have consistently affirmed that trans-identified male athletes retain a significant edge over their female counterparts, even after starting hormone therapy,” reports Reduxx.

“In 2020, a study released in the British Journal of Sport Medicine noted that trans-identified males were able to complete 31% more push-ups and 15% more sit-ups in one minute on average than a female Air Force service member. They also ran 1.5 miles 21% faster.”

“But even after two years on testosterone suppression treatment, the males were still 12% faster on average than biological females.”

Earlier this month, American surfing icon Bethany Hamilton vowed to boycott the professional tour over a rule change that allows biological males who identify as women to compete against female surfers.

As we highlighted last year, swimming’s world governing body slapped a total ban on transgender athletes that have gone through any form of male puberty from taking part in women’s competitions.

poll conducted last summer found that only 28 per cent of Americans support transgender athletes being allowed to compete in female sports tournaments.