Joe Rogan questions why pregnant women were coerced to take COVID vaccine despite ‘zero testing’

March 3, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


via: Biz Pac Review


Podcasting king Joe Rogan is jabbing the COVID cult again, this time calling into question the quality of the data that was used to justify the vaccination of pregnant women, a particularly vulnerable group who like the rest of Americans, faced months of bullying and coercion to submit to the Biden regime’s failed campaign to vaccinate the entire nation.

On Thursday’s edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the host’s popular Spotify podcast, Rogan welcomed British comedian and social commentator Russell Brand for one of his extended, wide-ranging interviews when the topic of vaccines and pregnant women came up.

“One of the most disturbing things that happened during COVID is how easy people rolled over, I was like ‘this is wild,’” Rogan said. “I expected more pushback. I expected more people to ask about the data, and particularly when they started saying they were going to vaccinate children.”

“I expected more people to go ‘hey, hey hey! What’s the f**ckin’ data on kids,’ oh when they were telling people to vaccinate pregnant women, I was like what data do you have on pregnant women because pregnant women if you like normal medication, when, when a pregnant woman is taking normal medication they have to be very careful,” he continued, “cause stuff that you can take when you’re not pregnant with very little concern, all of a sudden became a real issue if you have a developing fetus in your body.”

“It’s a giant issue,” he said to Brand. “You’re a father, you know what it’s like when your wife goes through that, it’s kind of crazy because there’s real concern like you can’t take this, you can’t drink, you can’t smoke, you can’t this, you can’t that, you shouldn’t take stem cells, you shouldn’t take nootropics, there’s so many different things but yet this vaccine with zero testing on any pregnant people was fine… and encouraged.”

Rogan’s remarks are the latest in his criticism of the COVID response, an authoritarian nightmare during which those with legitimate questions about the heavy-handed measures imposed by mostly Democratic Party politicians as well as the imposition of mask and vaccine mandates were demonized and censored in coordinated harassment and bullying campaigns that he himself experienced personally.

The podcaster extraordinaire was vilified by the media when, after contracting the virus, he posted a video to social media updating his followers of his condition and that he “threw the kitchen sink at it,” using a cocktail of drugs including ivermectin, the multifaceted drug that was honored with a Noble Prize for its successful use in treating malaria in humans, a remedy that was fiercely opposed by the regime and its media sock puppets with CNN falselyclaiming that he had ingested a “horse dewormer,” gaslighting viewers into believing that he took the animal version of the drug.

Rogan also came out on the winning end of an ugly public pissing contest with geriatric rocker Neil Young – a 1960s counterculture icon who once sang protest songs against ‘the man’ before becoming an establishment shill in his old age – who gave Spotify an ultimatum to either cancel their highly paid superstar or he would pull his music from the platform.

Every day the COVID narrative is crumbling with the bombshell revelation that the virus was likely unleashed by a leak at a Chinese bio lab, a theory that previously resulted in censorship and on last weekend’s edition of “Saturday Night Live,” actor Woody Harrelson infuriated leftists with a joke about Big Pharma “drug cartels” and the COVID lockdowns and mandates.