Transposon Jumping Genes in Franken-mosquitoes

April 14, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


The Gene Plague Zika Virus Induced Oxidative Weaponization | 2012 Oxitech Release of Male GMO Mosquitoes

By: Dr. Bill Deagle

Oxitech was aware that the terminator jumping genes inserted in Brazilian mosquitoes, may allow up to 15 % first generation survivors, due to ambient Tetracycline in the environment.  One in 200 hand sorted mosquitoes were female, and add another variable.  Because selection bread out lethal genetic traits, the piggyBAC gene transposon moves to a different place in the 10 thousand codon sequence to make the changes less lethal, but maintaining high oxidative stree.  This will speed viral mutragenic pathogenic evolution, due to peroxynitrate and hydroperoxy radicals in gene imbalanced host vector organisms. Thus we now have a platform to weaponized any pathogenic bacteria or virus via known mechanisms, causing expected future pandemics.   Other unexpected genetic and epigenetic changes may occur that cannot be anticipated.

Oxitech is therefore resulted in creating a weapon arising platform to speed the a pathogenic evolution of RNA and DNA viruses as well as bacterial and other parasitic pathogens. Unexpected gene changes would also possibly occur during insertion of the piggyBAC gene insertion to one or multiple points in the animal or human or plant genome.  Changes in structure and function, fertility and organ and tissue development may occur that are very unexpected.

There are two problems that have been potentially identified. The first is an increased oxidative stress host caused by an unstable genetics with the insertion of the transposon gene. This will result in increased level of pathogen evolution to cause more lethal effects. The second problem is the presence of normal gene control mechanism disruption by this jumping gene. Unexpected effects may felt affect organ development, fertility, disease states such as autoimmune diseases and cancer. Because the virus is neurotrophic it may result in other neurological syndromes such as cortical atrophy damage to a nuclei of the brain that regulate hormones and the autonomic nervous system, and end organ failure.

Intrexon, which has acquired Oxitech has developed other technological platforms for grading genetically engineered ActoBiotics , fuel conversion genetic technology, and other pathogen control technologies such as the monster affects cotton. ActoBiotics, result from the insertion in lactobacillus that are designed to have terminator gene so they will not persist in the bowel. This may be wishful thinking and the gene complex maybe unstable address or other bacteria within the got or other tissues. You continue to generate multiple peptides that have any pathogenic effects on body pathogens and unexpected epigenetic effects.

The virus should be protected at for for transfer at points of entry at ports and airlines. PCR testing for the virus and buccal smears for fluorescent markers of the presence of one or more copies of the piggyBAC gene in human genome.   Capture of mosquitoes and wild animals and pets for the presence of the virus or genetic pollution from the piggyBAC transposon should be undertaken with geographic mapping and cataloging epigenetic changes caused by specific gene insertion. Unexpected effects may result in changes it and food vegetables in terms of taste, vitamin content, mineral content and appearance. Animal epigenetic may be affected that may change behavior, organ development, and fertility. Ecological effects may disrupt the ecosystem web of life. The unexpected changes may result in loss of species and imbalance of the ecosystem causing loss of crops and predators or food and the spread of super pathogens animals in the wild or to humans as pandemics.


Published proof that Pyriproxyfen is not linked with microcephaly. February 2016 rumors that microcephaly was the caused by the larvicide Pyriproxyfen have now been refuted by scientists. The Brazilian government statement is also identified some local authorities do not use Pyriproxyfen and have reported cases of microcephaly. The following four references clearly dismiss the theory that the pesticide was directly linked to the Zika microcephaly and other birth defects. Reference number one scientist of debunk. Pesticides related to the zinc at the birth defects but not to seek a virus. Reference number two, reports his month sent a link pesticide is to blame for microcephaly outbreakv

. There a review of the report showed no scientific evidence forming a link. Reference number three, dismiss the a linkage previously placed between the microcephaly and Guillaine Barre paralysis and the pesticide. finally, the Brazilian government has dismissed the link proposed between the pesticide and larvicide and the presence of birth defects of microcephaly optic atrophy and Guillaine barre paralysis


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2/  “Report says Monsanto-linked pesticide is to blame for microcephaly outbreak – not Zika”. Science Alert (Australia). 16 February 2016. But let’s be clear – there is no scientific evidence to support that link.

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AllicinMed 1 to 2 capsules three times a day

Nutriodine 10 to 20 drops three times a day diror three drops per 10 pounds body weight scrrs fon water

Silver 101 spray or three drops per 10 pounds body weight three times a day orally

NutriDefense one to two capsules three times a day

Power C PLUS three capsules three times a day

MyCell D3 5,000 IU three to five softgels twice per day

STD protection with condoms, NIOSH N95 if proof of droplet spray, Defense Wipes on all contact surfaces

Ports of Entry PCR Saliva, Urine of Zika and Buccal Scaping for Fluorecent piggyBAC gene with microscopy > Quarantine until PCR negative 72 hours, on repeated testing

Ozonated Water Cleansing surfaces, Seal Aircraft Ozonated Air with Silver 100 aerosols for kill period 10 to 20 minutes, UV Light Curtains and Reverse Protection in Clinics and Hospitals with Carrier Zika Cases.

Prevention of pregnancy with positive Zika PCR test or gene on buccal fluorescent smear microsocopy