December 2, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Tells Jones: “We’ll be speaking a lot” in future

INFOWARSPaul Joseph Watson | DECEMBER 2, 2015 

Trump Shocks Establishment Media, Appears on Alex Jones Show

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told Alex Jones the two would be “speaking a lot” in future after a surprise radio interview that rocked the political establishment earlier today.

The Donald joined Jones live from Trump Tower in New York City for a 35 minute discussion on everything ranging from Hillary Clinton’s corruption, to ISIS, to his most recent controversy about Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11.

At the end of the interview, Trump made reference to the mere fact of him appearing on the show, suggesting it would cause waves.

“I just want to finish by saying that your reputation’s amazing – I will not let you down – you will be very very impressed I hope and I think we’ll be speaking a lot but you’ll be looking at me in a year or two years, just give me a little bit of time to run things,” Trump told Jones.

“A year into office, you’ll be saying ‘wow I remember that interview, he said he was gonna do it and he did a great job’ – you’ll be very proud of our country,” added Trump.

Leftist journalists went into a meltdown as soon as they heard that Trump was about to appear on the show, just as they panicked over the fact that Trump dared to tweet out a link to Infowars last week, as well as quoting yours truly on Twitter.

‘Alex Jones’ also began trending on Twitter shortly after the interview began.

Numerous ‘progressive’ news outlets began bashing Trump for doing the interview within an hour of it concluding, with Obama White House front group Media Matters the first to pile in. ‘Right Wing Watch’ also labeled Jones an “insane conspiracy theorist”. Bloomberg also accused Jones of “promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories”.

Expect a deluge more hit pieces over the next few hours and days as the establishment tries to use Trump’s appearance on the popular but controversial radio show to discredit his candidacy – a tactic that has failed miserably over and over again.