Truth Has Been Canceled – It Will Take Freedom With It

December 11, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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“What is truth?” – Pontius Pilate

I’d planned to shut up until after December 14, the day the Electoral College meets—especially since my last two articles (here and here) were two of my least popular ever. I caught it from both sides, not just from the occasional left-liberal who trolls this site but from fellow conservatives who saw me as selling out President Trump.

For what it’s worth:

We have videos of poll workers in Georgia ordering observers out of the room, telling them counting was done for the night, then removing ballots from suitcases pulled from under tables.Then running them through their machines.

We have an account by an MIT mathematician showing how Dominion voting machines in Arizona counted each Biden vote as 1.3 votes and each Trump vote as 0.7 votes.

We saw vote spikes, plainly visible on charts, in wee hours of the morning November 4, always for Biden. Trump’s lead diminished and then vanished in Michigan and Wisconsin. There were countless other irregularities.

We have this, from Eric Mataxas, interviewing a computer specialist in Colorado who looked into Dominion Voting Systems and learned that one of their higher-ups had promised an Antifa higher-up a Trump defeat! Yes, names are named, and I am surprised that video is still up.

Some of this info (e.g.,charts displaying vote spikes) was hard to find. Searches turned up mostly disinformation from “fact check” and “debunking” sites. Google and Yahoo search engines are clearly ratcheting down what we peons aren’t supposed to see.

But yesabsent massive interference, Trump won overwhelmingly! And absent massive disinformation, this would be obvious!

Here is the best summation, in one place, of the stolen election.

One has to wonder what level of collective psychosis Trump Derangement Syndrome reached, that the entirety of mainstream media, Big Tech, and the Asylum on the Potomac, can first hide and then deny the vast evidence of fraud. This includes trying to ruin the lives of  . Melissa Carone, who never sought publicity and was clearly nervous and awkward on video, is being made an example of. See this purported soap opera of possibly-libelous allegations,not to mention her being openly ridiculed on Saturday Night Live, a show that was funny four decades ago but now only recalls H.L. Mencken’s adage that no one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

The point is to create as strong as possible a disincentive against others doing what this courageous woman did.

There have been worse. Emily Murphy of the General Services Administration (who unlocked funds for a transition of administrations on November 22), wrote of receiving “threats online, by phone, and by mail directed at my safety, my family, my staff, and even my pets in an effort to coerce me into making this determination prematurely….”

Think of a bank robbery caught on camera from multiple angles, guns visible, boatloads of cash thrown in black bags by tellers and handed to the thugs. Then, bankers and police higher-ups simply declare that the videos do not exist (“baseless,” “unsubstantiated,” “evidence-free”) and that anyone who says they do is an “unhinged conspiracy theorist.” That person is then threatened . . . !

I’ve been saying all along, powerful people want Trump gone. But I had no idea of the lengths they’d go to make it happen.

I also tend to agree with Paul Craig Roberts, who wrote the other day:

“As I predicted in 2016, Trump had no understanding of Washington and no idea who to appoint.”

Of course he didn’t. He was an outsider, a non politician, which is what the GOP base wanted: someone from outside the Asylum on the Potomac who would disrupt the status quo and chart a new, non globalist course for the country.

Trump tried not to disappoint. “Americanism, not globalism,” he told listeners in his inaugural speech in January 2017.

Roberts continues (I’m tempted to C&P the whole column):

“… Trump was staffed by the Establishment with an Establishment government. Trump thought, based on his experience as boss, that the boss was the boss, but as I learned from my quarter century in Washington that is not the way Washington works.

“Trump’s Establishment government has destroyed Trump, first by permitting the Russia gate hoax and refusing to hold the perpetuators—who clearly committed federal felonies— accountable.  No indictments for the obvious felony of misleading the FISA Court, for example, have been forthcoming from the DOJ Establishment figures of Barr and Durham.

“Second, the Trump ‘Justice’ Department permitted the hoax that Trump did what Biden clearly did—bribe the president of Ukraine with US foreign aid. Trump, who made no such bribe, was investigated and impeached in the Democrat House for something it was clear he did not do. In contrast, Vice President Biden, who boasted (you can watch it on video) to the Council on Foreign Relations that he threatened the president of Ukraine with the withholding of billions of US dollars unless he fired the prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt company that was paying Biden’s son a fortune for Biden’s protection, has not been investigated by the DOJ or FBI.

“Neither has Biden been investigated for the incriminating information on the laptop of his son’s computer that is in the hands of the DOJ and FBI. The FBI will cover this up just as the FBI covered up the Hillary servers and the murder of Seth Rich who leaked the information that was blamed on Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

“Biden will not be investigated — unless Biden’s ill-chosen vice president demands it as ‘a person of color’ in order to displace Biden in order to complete the American color revolution that took place on November 3 and 4, 2020. Those were the days that American democracy was officially murdered by the Democrat Party’s carefully organized electoral fraud, about which not a peep from the presstitutes.”

Roberts gets one thing wrong. The U.S. is not a democracy but a plutocratic oligarchy, and has been for decades (Gilens and Page 2014). Otherwise the brazenness of this steal, combined with the avalanche of denial, would not be conceivable, much less possible. The stolen election did not “murder democracy.” “Democracy” has been dead for a long time. Efforts to restore it are labeled authoritarian populism. Orwell on steroids.

The present Establishment — the two major parties, mainstream media (90 percent of which is owned by six mega conglomerates), and Big Tech — especially Facebook and Twitter, which “fact check” or “dispute” links to truth-telling articles and videos almost as fast as we can put them up — ought to be at its lowest credibility ever. For the truth about Facebook “fact-checkers” as well as more info on where those late-hour votes for Earpiece Joe came from, go here.

This is the same governmental / corporate Establishment likely to approve one or more vaccines for COVID-19(84) for mass distribution soon. We are assured that the Pfizer vaccine is 95 percent effective. But consider:

5 Burning Questions About the New Pfizer Vaccine.

Again, I quote directly: “The Pfizer vaccine trial included nearly 44,000 people. Half getting their vaccine, half getting a placebo. In total, from the 44,000 people, 170 were later recorded as having become ‘infected with Covid19’. 162 of them were in the placebo group, 8 of them in the vaccine group.

“The vaccine is therefore credited with preventing 154 cases of Covid-19…or 95%.

“You don’t need to be a medical researcher or virologist to see how potentially flawed this reasoning is. The entire trial of 44,000 people is deemed a success based on the potentially multi-variant outcome from less than 0.4% of those involved.

“The details of the trial are hard to come by, so we have yet to find out how these 170 people were even diagnosed with “Covid19”. Was it a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms? Or PCR test? Either method would raise serious questions about accuracy.

“In short, the answer to “Does it work?” is “we have no idea.”

We also learn nothing about the ages of the participants in this trial, relevant because as everybody knows, the elderly are the most susceptible to dying from a Covid infection.

Nor do we know who, or how many, had preexisting conditions.

This is what passes for science in 2020.

People better wake up, because this is what is likely to be forced on them in 2021, if a Biden-Harris regime takes office and mindlessly “follows the science.”

Some airlines (Australia’s Qantas being the first example) are already positioning themselves to require a Covid vaccine as a condition for international travel.

The airline industry — like much of the corporate world — is “monkey see, monkey do” (as Doug Casey put it). Which means:proof of vaccination will spread and quickly become an industry standard for international travel, with the support of governments some of which are preparing to institute their own “immunity passports.” The WHO is looking into “e-vaccination certificates.”

These will spread to domestic flights,from there to other forms of public transportation (buses, subways), and finally to public spaces generally. Where my wife and I shop for groceries there are already security people at the entrance with a device to check our temperatures and sometimes our IDs. A similar device will soon read your Covid vaccine ID.

Didn’t get jabbed? Take your business elsewhere!

No freedom for refuseniks, in other words. The idea of tying proof of vaccination to future stimulus checks has been floated.

This is about something developed at Warp Speed (Big Pharma’s expropriation of Star Trek technobabble). Normally it takes several years to develop and properly test a new vaccine for effectiveness and safety. Even assuming this thing works, we will not know how long it guarantees immunity or whether annual “booster shots” will be necessary, or if deleterious side effects could materialize over time.

One does not need to be a rabid “antivaxxer” to respond to all this with a sarcastic, “What could go wrong?”

Are there alternatives? Of course! Hydroxychloroquine, used in the past to treat malaria and by many doctors this year to treat Covid patients (touted by Trump at once point), is out there, but has been dropped down the memory hole. We saw the same mantra words (“unproven,” “unsubstantiated,” etc.). Some doctors using it were threatened with losing their medical licenses. HCQ, known for over 60 years to be safe if taken properly, is inexpensive and therefore useless to those whose value systems revolve around money and power. Never mind that its mass distribution could have saved tens of thousands of lives! Another promising cure for Covid about which we’ve heard nothing is Ivermectin.

There is a comprehensive blackout on both HCQ and Ivermectin. For the Establishment, it’s a vaccine or bust! Charles Hugh Smith penned a good assessment of the logistics nightmare suggested by the many unknowns. Frankly, I don’t think such things matter to those who want vaccines distributed at lightning speed. As with the stolen election they aren’t interested in truth. They are interested in controlled populations.

Recently, Pfizer’s former VP and Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon argued against the necessity of a vaccine for Covid. What there is of a pandemic is running its course, he said. So what is its specific purpose? Population reduction through infertility? Population reduction is something globalists have long favored.While they wax eloquently about climate change, sustainability, etc., the reality is, they cannot technocratically manage 7 billion people!

Could this be the truth? Will it matter?

Once upon a time, truth mattered. Today, narrative is what matters. Specifically, official narratives matter.

So we have corporate media assuring us that the election was not stolen,feeding us hysterical 24/7 report age of the latest Covid death numbers with no larger context, and telling us a poorly tested vaccine will save us all!

In the first case, the iron wall of denial is solid: claims made by “conspiracy theorists”are simply declared to be “debunked” and then psychoanalyzed out of existence.

With the second, anyone who looks into the history of pandemics learns that Covid has no prospects of killing even a fraction of those done in beginning in 1918 by the Spanish flu, which killed over 18 million people, having infected an estimated 500 million. Its death toll may have reached 50 million. This in a world population of 1.8 billion.

The third: critics of the coming vaccination of Americans are again being accused of “spreading conspiracy theories” (here, first paragraph). I think it is just a matter of time, maybe as little as three or four months, before anyone who questions the official vaccine narrative will be labeled a “danger to public health” or some equivalent and threatened with arrest and imprisonment.

You read it here first.

Official narratives hold that those in power do not “conspire,” that “fact checkers” care about facts, and that Big Pharma operates out of the goodness of its heart. The truth again: for years now pharmaceutical corporations have been indemnified against lawsuits over harm done by their products.

Sadly, a critical mass of the public is buying into these twin catastrophes in motion. Though millions of Republicans are sure the election was stolen and will never trust the voting process again, they will be silenced — all it will take is a few more outspoken men and women made examples of:losing jobs, “shamed” by the Twitter mob or on TV, possibly having their dirty laundry aired publicly, and their lives ruined.

Likewise, millions of people will line up for a vaccine the long term safety of which is a complete unknown. They will have been told that this is the way out of the “dark winter” and into the post-Covid peon economy (in which many of the peons will be flat broke and fully dependent on the good graces of “their” government — if they’ve gotten jabbed, of course. Otherwise, forget it).

So we look to the future. My surmise is that barring divine intervention, Sleepy Joe and Kommie Kamala will be inaugurated on January 20. The former has as much as said he will lock down the country to “follow the science.” There goes the rest of Main Street (Wall Street will continue to soar, of course, as it did in 2020 while tens of millions were unemployed). Mass vaccinations will begin.

If you’re one of the peons, you will not have a choice. Choice? Where have you been? Choice only applies to women who want to kill their unborn children!

Covid-19(84) is proving to be what the enemies of freedom needed, wanted, and may well have planned (see also this curiosity), to get us back on track toward a controlled society. Something Trump was disrupting. Trump’s disruptions were erratic and inconsistent, but the super elite couldn’t control him, so he has to go. Sleepy Joe and Kommie Kamala are unscrupulous opportunists who know who is buttering their bread. They will do as they are told.

The time to stand up to real power was decades ago. I spoke of the need to stand up to political correctness back in the 1990s here, but that doesn’t scratch the surface. There was ample evidence of what was coming long before. Books such as Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (1970) openly promoted globalism as a desirable outcome of “liberal democracy.” Brzezinski was a top-flight writer who was clear as crystal about where he believed the world should go.

Three years later, he, David Rockefeller, and Henry Kissinger used their vast resources and network of contacts to create the Trilateral Commission.

Few paid attention. There’s a sense in which first the space program and then Watergate were diversions, since even the comparatively well-educated public we had back then could be distracted with images from space and scandal on the ground.

Few pay attention now, as Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) writes openly about connecting Covid-19(84) to the proposed Great Reset. Predictably, to the New York Timesthis last is another “conspiracy theory.”

Today fear is the prevalent control factor. Fear of getting sick. Fear of unemployment and being financially devastated. Fear of being shamed on social media. Fear of being called a racist (if you are white). Fear is effective. It results in paralysis and looking to the authorities for rescue. Sometimes, of course, fear is justified. Other times, not. The point is, fomenting it has proven to be a very efficient control mechanism.

In sum: truth has been canceledIt will take freedom with itHighly visible truth-tellers today find themselves imprisoned in solitary confinement (Julian Assange) or in self-imposed exile (Edward Snowden). Others have faced career sabotage (Judy Mikovits) or just a struggle for financial survival (Paul Craig Roberts, myself). To use one of Roberts’s favorite descriptive terms, we now have a mostly insouciant public, fixated on celebrities, Tik Tok, whatever the Twitterati are spewing, and consuming Covid fear porn.

Those who question power are all but invisible.

I grow weary of shouting (or doing something else) into the wind. This will be my last article for in 2020. I do wish my loyal readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, such as they are. During the holidays I will decide whether there is any point, in the year to come, in continuing writing articles that make no difference, or if the time has come to pursue other goals.

*Paul Craig Roberts once wrote an intended retirement column entitled “Truth Has Fallen, and Has Taken Liberty With It.” My title to this possible farewell column is updated for our times, but still close enough to his that it seemed wise to give him credit.

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