U.S. Surgeon General Adams dumps Bill Gates / WHO / CDC ‘Predictive Contagion’ Model

April 14, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


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In a stunning turn of events, Surgeon General Jerome Adams explained in an interview on live XM radio, that the Coronavirus Task Force has, effectively, dumped the Bill Gates/CDC/WHO predictive contagion model, and is now working with the real data.

He explained on the Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow, that given the new data, businesses will begin to re-open as early as May, others in June.

This runs contrary to the out-and-out fear-mongering of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates who have made a media tour, threatening the public that businesses may not re-open for six months to a year, or until and unless governments purchase their conveniently patented, big-pharma vaccination.

According to Dr. Adams:

“What the American people need to know now is we actually have data, and so we’re tracking that data,”

Before this about-face, which appears to have come as an order from the Trump administration in  consultation with the findings of Dr. Adams, the task force was working with’predictive models’, which had been created by the Bill Gates dominated WHO and CDC. Dr. Fausti’s control over the CDC has been criticized in the past for its for-profit motive in handling a range of illnesses from HIV to H1NI.

In those inflated, ‘fear-based’ models, the deaths of millions worldwide, and hundreds of thousands in America, were touted. These were used as the basis for what many experts have termed a ‘grossly disproportionate response‘.

Previously, the task force was working with predictive models, frequently criticized because of their tendency to exaggerate the possible effect of the virus on the United States. Models predicting the deaths of millions and hundreds of thousands in America appear to be overblown, as the real-time data is showing the death count much lower.

Adams said that the models usually took data from different cultures and places around the globe, but they were able to track more accurately what could happen in the United States based on real data gathered in places such as California and New York.

“We’re following this data every single day, and we’re giving that data to communities so that they can make informed and intelligent decisions about when and where to reopen,” he said.

A significant indicator for communities being allowed to reopen, Adams said, was actual testing data, not a predictive model.

“I feel confident that some places will start to reopen in May and June. Other places won’t; it will be piece by piece, bit by bit, but will be data-driven,” he said.

Adams praised South Korea and Singapore, which closed their borders early, just like the United States did with travelers from China. But he said there are lessons learned across the board.




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Surgeon General Jerome Adams called into Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily on Monday for an interview with host Alex Marlow.

Here are seven important topics of discussion from the interview:

Here are seven important topics of discussion from the interview:

  1. Masks: Masks don’t prevent you from getting coronavirus but the most important part is to stop people from spreading it. The task force learned that 25–50 percent of Americans are spreading the virus before they have symptoms or ever have symptoms. Save medical masks for the healthcare workers; just use a cloth or make your own mask to cover your face. Don’t touch your mask, readjust your mask, or set it down where the virus can infect anything. Adams also released a video showing Americans how to make their own masks. Watch below: 
  1. Herd immunity: It takes two to three or more seasons to build herd immunity to a virus like the coronavirus, Adams said. That’s why federal medical officials are ordering social mitigation until therapeutics and vaccines are developed.
  2. Recurring infections: Can people get coronavirus again after they’ve recovered? Adams said that less than one percent of people have had it recur in the current season. This is why antibody testing is critical for Americans returning to work.
  3. Data vs. Models: The Coronavirus Task Force is now working with real-time data about the country, Adams said, instead of the predictive models that were criticized for being overblown and exaggerated.
  4. Black and Hispanic Americans: Black and Hispanic Americans are more affected by the virus, Adams said, because fewer in those communities have jobs allowing them to telework, and many live in close quarters and multigenerational housing. These communities need to continue practicing the social distancing and personal hygiene guidelines.
  5. Reopening the country: Reopening America will be gradual, not just flipping everything on all at once like a light switch, Adams said. The task force will go through the data and work with local officials to reopen the country.
  6. The struggle to communicate with anti-Trump media: Adams admitted that it was a struggle to communicate with some in the establishment media who are frequently anti-Trump. “One of the things I’m realizing, when I’m standing in the White House next to the president of the United States, when I say things, they’re questioned and people question my authenticity,” he said after journalist Yamiche Alcindor demanded that he correct terms of endearment for elderly relatives that “some people online” were “already offended” by. Adams said his words were “misportrayed” and “mischaracterized.”“It’s the challenge of communicating in a highly partisan and political environment,” he said.

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