Under Corporatism The People Who Own The Government Can Compel You To Buy Dangerous Products

December 19, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


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Bank Mergers and Monopoly

Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.  Giovanni Gentile (not Benito Mussolini)

Most fascists would be insulted by the insinuation that they admire Google, Microsoft and Monsanto and are on the payroll of the NSA.

Corporatism means that the Congress can pass a law requiring you to do business with a company that has poor quality and even harmful products and services. Big Pharma and Monsanto come to mind.

Question: Which Fictional Detective Was The First To Solve a Murder Where Peanuts Were Used as a Lethal Weapon?

People seem to get used to the new normal. But try asking older people if they ever, as children, heard  of anyone dying from peanut allergies? Sherlock Holmes never had such a case. One of the first I can find is an actor was killed on stage by peanut oil sprayed on an apple in a Monk episode which starred Tony Shaloub as the obsessive detective.

Wikipedia’s peanut allergy article fails to mention peanut oil in vaccines as a source of fatal peanut allergy reactions. Never happened or was extremely rare before vaccines.

Nor does WIkipedia tell you that the 49 vaccines required by California law to be taken by children before age 6 will do permanent damage to those too young to have developed a blood brain barrier.

What about the explosive growth in autoimmune diseases? Could the foreign DNA in MRC-5 be the cause of the tremendous increase in autoimmune diseases? MRC-5 is the polite way of saying aborted fetuses in the vaccines. Some militant pro-abortionists would love to compel men, women and children who oppose abortion on moral grounds to take vaccines containing aborted fetuses. But I would ask them if they really want everyone – Left, Right and Center- to develop autoimmune diseases from foreign DNA in vaccines? We could never afford the taxes needed to offer care to people who would be healthy if they had not been harmed by a vaccine.

The Corporatists Who Rule The West Do Intend US Great Harm.

3 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s because we were given a banking system that gave Bankers the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing.  This creates massive amounts of Unpayable Debts. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. Since we have more Unpayable Debts than in 1929, we are headed to a far worse financial future than any other generation in the past 500 years. This is according Dr Steve Keen.

Let’s look at some other unhealthy activities of the Corporatists or should I say Globalists.

Aspartame destroys neurotransmitters.

Aspartame destroys  the brain’s two anti-oxidants that reduce aging and declining mental faculties.

Aspartame beaks down into wood alcohol which converts into formaldehyde.

Genetically Modified crops in lab tests turn the third generation of subjects into sterile, sickly runts.

Glyphosate which is in Round Up herbicide spray for GMO crops causes cancer. Google says it is not harmful to humans.

Water in America is unfit to drink. Tens of thousands of water districts have lead in their water which causes illness, brain damage and mental retardation. Tens of thousands of water districts put chlorine in the water which kills the friendly bacteria (probiotics)
in your intestines. Since they are 80% of your immune system, chlorine is definitely bad for your health.

The Communists used fluoride to help control and calm prisoners in the Gulags at a time when they were killing 60 million Gentiles. In the US in 1910 almost every drug store had an ad for a big fluoride pill. The advertisement said it would cure the most rebellious teenager. Did not say it did so by attacking the brain. The Communists accused the Nazis of using fluoride on their inmates. That did not happen. But Sigmund Freud’s nephew did convince the public to allow the government to put a toxic waste from the nuclear industry (fluoride) into their drinking water. The state of New Jersey uses two parts per million in the water for their criminally insane inmates.

Fluoride was first discovered to be poisonous to humans in 1893. It was found to destroy human enzymes. Your heart beats repeatedly because you have 2,000 enzymes enabling it to do so. Your body has over 5,000 named enzymes and many unnamed ones.

Chlorine reduces our immune response because it kills the beneficial microbes in our intestines.

Antibiotics are routinely given to sickly corporate raised cows and chickens to eliminate the cost of maintaining a clean working environment. This in addition to the chlorine in your water and the bromide in your bread kills the good bacteria in your intestines and opens you up to diseases so you can enter a hospital and become a victim of the Corporatist Big Pharma Death Care system.

A doctor warned the Congress of the dangers to the human body from electromagnetic radiation in 5G wireless. She talked about heart, kidney and brain damage. She was limited to 5 minutes. Your Corporatist Congress does not care about you.

When Dr Mark Skidmore discovered that $21 trillion in federal spending had gone missing from two departments (DOD and HUD) between 1998 and 2015, neither the Corporatist media nor Corporatist owned politicians thought this was important enough to talk to you about correcting the problem.

A Few Suggestions:

In the future we should never allow drug companies to test their products. Just give us the drugs. We will test Chemotherapy against Baking Soda or other unpatented remedies. Since chemo is worse than doing nothing, I don’t expect them to do well. If their drugs are less effective than a home remedy, then their cost should not be covered by insurance.

Lots of blood pressure medications would die on the shelf if they had to prove their efficacy and their safety.

We should get a state petition going somewhere that would forbid any vaccine that contains ingredients harmful to humans, such as, aluminum, mercury, MRC-5 and allergens like peanuts.

We are way beyond the point where where democracy and the free discourse of ideas are possible. We are in fact close to the point where the Dollar Dies. The Elite deliberately over populated America. Then they shipped jobs overseas. There would have been a rebellion 30 years ago but the Bankers created tens of trillions in paper money which in part paid the salaries and benefits of 31 million government workers, most of whom were never needed.  And trillions of dollars were used to buy things from overseas for free because all the foreigners got was I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes. And many trillions were spent on military occupations, drone strikes and invasions which were unpopular on foreign shores.

When people overseas realize there is nothing they can do with their trillions in Federal Reserve Notes, they will dump them. One morning you will wake up to discover that your wages, pensions, benefits and savings have been permanently cut in half. The smarter ones in the Corporatist Elite know that day is coming. They are sort of hoping you will kill each other and not them. That is a major reason for flooding our countries with illegal aliens.

I have suggested in the past that junior officers in the US military stage a coup, arrest the Bankers, seize the money they stole from us and use those assets to fund Debt Cancellation. That would turn a ten year Depression into a 90 day recovery. I wrote about that here:

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