Under pressure, Hallmark rolls out gay-themed Christmas movie

November 20, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: One News Now


In a move that surprised no one, the family-friendly Hallmark Channel caved to pressure from homosexual activists and is including homosexual characters in a Christmas-themed movie.

The Christmas House, which premieres Nov. 22, follows “husband” Brandon Mitchell and fellow “husband” Jake who are seeking to adopt a child during the holiday season, ET Online reported.

Brad Harder, the actor portraying Brandon, told ET it was an “honor to make a little history” at the Hallmark Channel.

Monica Cole of One Million Moms says she saw it coming. Hallmark executives began feeling the pressure last year, she recalls, when powerful LGBT groups pushed for more “inclusive” content after the channel, owned by Crown Media, stirred up their anger by caving to Cole’s group over a TV ad.  In a two-week tug-of-war, Cole and One Million Moms had convinced Hallmark to pull a Zola ad featuring kissing lesbians only to watch the other side howl in protest. Hallmark reinstated the ad and apologized for the “hurt and disappointment” it had caused.

Pinknewscom, an LGBT website, reported last year that Hallmark drew the wrath of the “LGBT community” by caving to One Million Moms. With those activists now angry, they also protested that the cable network was rolling out 40 Christmas films but not would include a “queer lead character.” Hallmark executives promised to change that and hence The Christmas House” was written and produced.

Cole: ‘War for soul of man’

LGBT website The Advocate mocked Cole last year for describing the cultural conflict as a “war for the soul of man,” but that is how many view the ongoing culture fight. The orthodox belief in the world’s three biggest religions is that homosexuality is sinful because God created men and women to marry and have children.

That ongoing fight, in which Cole and her group win and lose ground every day, now includes a win for the other side at the Hallmark Channel after the company’s CEO, Bill Abbott, said he was “open” to homosexual characters in the channel’s line-up of Christmas movies.

“The Hallmark Channel has done a 180 in 12 months or less, unfortunately,” Cole tells OneNewsNow. “The once-wholesome, family-friendly channel is no more.”

That is because Hallmark is learning, she adds, that the other side celebrates a win but always demands more.